Femina Miss India 2018: First Impression of East Zone Top 3 Finalists

As the East Zone Auditions of Femina Miss India 2018 are done and we are awaiting the zonal crowning, here is a first impression review by Elite Panel member of TGPC Riya Saraswat for each state, the potential winners and her opinion about the overall state compared to last year’s batch. The following review is based on the pics uploaded by FMI and others which she has seen on  Instagram. So here is the review.

Femina Miss India Chhattisgarh 2018
L-R: Sofie Afreen, Annusriya Tripathi, P. Spandana

Chattisgarh: The beautiful Vinali Bhatnagar represented this state last year. Sofia Aafreen, Anusriya Tripathi and Spandana P. are vying to represent Chattisgarh this year. Having the insights from a TGPC member who attended the auditions live, we can vouch for the fact that crown is between Anusriya and Sofia. Anusriya is on the prettier side who has lots of potential but needs grooming and work on her fitness. Sofia is a congenial girl who will put all her efforts for this. Either of them will make a great representative. It’s a status quo situation in this state compared to last year.

Femina Miss India Orissa 2018
L-R: Aishwarya Jena, Shrutiksha Nayak, and Priya Kansagara

Orissa: The Orissa batch seems like an upgrade this year. And it also looks like a clear winner state where Aishwarya Jena stands out with her charm and confidence. If not Aishwarya Jena, I see Priya Kansagra who is a Campus Princess girl to win it. Either ways, Orissa is all set to be well represented.

Femina Miss India Bihar 2018
L-R: Bhavna Jain, Anshika Singh and Simran Singh.

Bihar: Priyanka Kumari’s win at FMI 2017 has made Bihar a formidable state at FMI. Her win surely has made an impact which can be clearly seen in the Top 3 girls of this state. The state crown is between Simran Singh and Anshika Singh. The people who attended the Auditions live are highly impressed with Simran due to her eloquence and aura . And Anshika Singh gives that Latina vibes you see at International Pageants. We will get to see more of them with time. As of now, either will make an amazing successor of Priyanka Kumari.

Femina Miss India West Bengal 2018
L-R: Rhea Patranabis, Prarthna Sarkar and Monisha Sen

West Bengal: Manushi’s win has really impacted this state well. The auditions photo unveiling the Top 3 does no justice to these girls. Rhea Patranabis is my choice of winner in this state. The winner of this state will be a major upgrade to last year and I do see West Bengal at least placing this time.

Femina Miss India Jharkhand 2018
L-R: Bhawna Choudhary, Stefy Patel and Aditi Basu

Jharkhand: Jharkhand will do well this year. The judges will have to make a tough call this time as all the 3 girls are amazing. If we narrow it down to two, the crown is between Stefy Patel and Bhawna Choudhary. Stefy has the experience with her where she was a FMI Delhi Finalist 2017. Whereas Bhawna has been preparing and her beauty is undeniable. It is a status quo situation in this state compared to last year. My sentimental choice would be Stefy but I know the crown might go either ways.

Author: Riya Saraswat