Femina Miss India 2018: First Impression of South Zone Top 3 Finalists

As the South Zone Auditions of FMI 2018 are done and we are awaiting the zonal crowning, here is a first impression review by Elite Panel member of TGPC Riya Saraswat for each state, the potential winners and her opinion about the overall state compared to last year’s batch. The following review is based on the pics uploaded by FMI and others which she has seen on  Instagram. They are subject to change with time when we get to see more of the girls before finale in our final hotpicks.

Femina Miss India Andhra Pradesh 2018
Andhra Pradesh: Vegi Harshita, Kiranmai Uppuluri, Shreya Rao Kamavarapu

Andhra Pradesh: The very first state to choose their Top 3 for FMI 2018 and I am underwhelmed seeing the underwhelming turn out. I know the reason could be even the partition of states but I was expecting more. However at the end of day, a state needs ONE Strong Girl to represent them and here Andhra Pradesh surely has one. If Shreya Rao wins Andhra Pradesh, I see her doing well at FMI. I am sure she knows the value of winning a state title, which she lost last year to Simran Choudhary from Telangana. I see Shreya being an upgrade to Srishti Vyakarnam. The overall top 3 is little less competitive compared to last year. Kiranmai is good as well but needs major transformation in terms of her body and styling. I will be happy if she comes back next year 🙂

Femina Miss India Tamil Nadu 2018
Talim Nadu: Anukreethy Vas, Matisha Sharma and Esha Gohil

Tamil Nadu: Initially, I was disappointed when the top 3 were chosen. But with time, I have learnt that this is one of the best and the most diverse Top 3 ( in terms of looks and strengths and weaknesses ) of the South Zone. This batch is a major upgrade to the one we had last year from Tamil Nadu where Sherlin was the obvious winner. The finalists Anukeerthy, Esha and Matisha are good on their own ways. If I were to choose résumé wise and the one who will never fail me on ramp then it would be Esha Gohil. She is a super model who is aspiring to be a Miss India. Her only Achilles Heel could be her body. She needs to work on it asap. Coming to Matisha, I won’t mind if she wins. She is like the perfect girl one wants to see in Miss India with a combination of great face, good smile, good hair, good body etc. If FMI wants a more balanced girl and don’t wish to take risks, they might go with Matisha. Anukeerthy is also good, her height might be little bit of a pull down but her speaking skills are bang on. I think one among Esha Gohil and Matisha will win Tamil Nadu. I see all the three in the competition though.

Femina Miss India Kerala 2018
Kerala: Mekhana Shajan, Reshma Nambiar, Anumol R.

Kerela: Decent batch. Probably an overall upgrade to its last year. But I think the winner ( whosoever she is among the 3) will be not be as good as Mannat. It might be my extreme liking for Mannat which might make me biased, but yes, I do feel none of the 3 can match her. The state title is between Reshma and Anumolu. Reshma has lots of experience in pageantry and this will surely reflect in her performance. Anumolu is like an amalgamation of Srinidhi and Mannat to an extent.

Femina Miss India Telangana 2018
Telangana: Sakshi Kakkar, Kamakshi Bhaskarla and Indu Cherukuri.

Telangana: The turn out for Telangana batch was very good this year.The judges seem to be searching for an overall balanced candidate here. I see a status quo situation in this state. The crown is between Sakshi and Kamakshi. If it was based on my personal choice, I would go for Kamakshi. The reason being, I see lots of potential in her. Her weakness is her body which she is already working on I believe. She has got 4 complete months in hand and I am sure by that time she will be her best version. But I have a feeling that MIO will go with Sakshi Kakkar and I like her too. She has experience and has been in this field from the past 2-3 years. Honestly, after such a strong turn out but I was expecting some stunner to come from Telangana. Disappointed in this regard. I just hope that Telangana places this year.

Femina Miss India Karnataka 2018
Karnataka: Tanam Dev, Harita Shah, and Bhavna Durgam.

Karnataka: Karnataka never disappoints. The strongest Top 3 of all the states so far. Compared to last year, an overall upgrade. I see FMI Crown contender in this state and the judges are going to have a hard time choosing one among them. All the 3 have amazing heights, good body and great presence. They all stand out in their pictures. If I were to choose one, I won’t be able to. Harita reminds me of Noyonita and Bhavna has that sweet aura one looks for in a MW. Tanam is also good in her own ways. I hope these girls are eligible to participate from other states too. My choice of winner: Bhavna / Harita.

Having said all, the most important thing which I feel the girls will have to maintain from today to the FMI finale is consistency. Most of us never expected Shefali Sood to enter the Top 6 and Priyanka to enter the top 3. These girls were very consistent since their crowning in zonals and had a great attitude. So I hope all the girls will learn this from them 🙂 .

Article by: Riya Saraswat, Elite Member of TGPC.

Picture Courtesy: Femina Miss India FB Page