The interesting story behind the ‘Motghare Gown’ at Miss TGPC Season 4 Finale

Miss TGPC Season 4 concluded last Sunday with Adline Castelino as the winner, Pradnya Motghare as the first runner-up and Yukta Upadhyay as the second runner-up of the contest. The contest was held at Pub.Le.City in Amanora Mall of Pune. While the finale received a very positive feedback from the general audience, there is one specific thing that caught the attention of the audience. It was the Evening Gown of Pradnya Motghare that grabbed the eyeballs of audience in the finale. Many even called it as a dead-ringer of Oxana Fedorova, Miss Universe 2002 [Obviously not with Gucci fineness].

The gown which could have been extremely overpowering had the girl not put in proper energy, Pradnya nailed it from the beginning. The energy and charm she put into the evening gown round was worth applause. She in fact had an almost trip moment but Pradnya balanced it very well. Have a look at her Evening Gown performance below.

Pradnya Motghare wins First Runner-up Crown at Miss TGPC Season 4
Pradnya Motghare with her mother (Right)

What makes this gown really interesting is that this gown isn’t bought from any shop. But it was Pradnya’s mother-Pranhita Motghare who made this gown for her as Pradnya didn’t have options to buy a good gown from shop, coming from a small city. When we asked Pradnya on how she thought of coming up with this gown, she replied,

“Its becomes very difficult to get desirable dress in certain budget, specifically when you come from a non-metro cities. So in this season I was planning to do something different as I didn’t want to settle down with bad gowns. I googled some pictures of gowns and selected few of them. I showed those pictures to my mom and asked her if she could make something like that. Initially she was hesitant as she had never done that before, but later on when she realised that I don’t have any other option and I might lose the crown due to this, she agreed. Then I explored all the local shops in my area to get the perfect dress material. Thankfully I got one. My mom watched some Youtube videos and she made that gown for this round. You’ll be surprised to know that total cost of that gown is within Rs. 1000/-.”

Pradnya’s this move proves that its not all about costly dresses that pageants look for. But its more about the performance, the confidence and how you carry your wardrobe. Pradnya’s mother, who was present at the finale of Miss TGPC, seemed to be very happy for Pradnya’s win and the applauds she received for her gown. Have a look at the Evening Gown performance of Pradnya in following video.

Note: The comparison with Oxana is only to highlight the similarities between the gowns and not to bring a competition.