Miss TGPC Season 4, Episode 11: Final Competition [Full Performance Videos]

Excitement! That’s the emotion we feel right now as we enter the last week of the pageant. Tonight, 6 contestants now battle for a spot in the Top 3 of Miss TGPC season 4. Congratulations to Agrima Grover and Yukta Upadhyay on making it to the final leg of the competition. It was a tie between the two for the top spot in the Wild Card challenge and the judge, India’s leading pageant coach Ms Ritika Ramtri graciously decided to let both the beauties go ahead in the contest. Advaita Shetty has withdrawn from the contest today because she will not be able to attend the grand finale in Pune due to visa issues (she lives in New Zealand). We truly feel sad about this but it is her final decision and we respect it. TGPC is always at your back Advaita, never forget this. 🙂

Here are the full performance videos of the 6 finalists.

Adline Castelino

Agrima Grover

Pramita Mohapatra

Pradnya Motghare

Supriya Jaiswal

Yukta Upadhyay

Miss TGPC Elite, Season 4: TGPC Elite Club will choose their favorite from the 6. She will win the title of Miss TGPC Elite, that has been held by famous beauties like Pooja Sharma and Shriya Torne in past. The winner of Miss TGPC Elite will get direct entry in the Top 3. The announcement will be made on Tuesday, 30th January 2018.

Panel of Judges: The remaining two spots in the Top 3 will be chosen by the panel of judges that consists of entrepreneur Kartik Behl, actress/model/beauty queen Pooja Sharma and model/beauty queen Rajkanya Baruah. The panel is looking for qualities like beauty, confidence, personality and overall presentation skills.

Next Episode: The Top 3 winners of this season will be known in Episode 12 which is scheduled on 31st January 2018, 8 PM. The Grand Finale of the season will be held on 4th February 2018 in Pune where the exact titles of the Top 3 will be revealed.

Let us know your favorites in the comments. 🙂

Update 30/01/2018: Unfortunately Madhumita Das conveyed her inability to attend the grand finale and we sadly accept her decision. As per the rules, she is now ineligible for the final round. TGPC will continue to support Madhumita in her future pageant journey. The post has been updated accordingly, to not cause any confusion to the followers. Madhumita’s final performance will be available on our YouTube channel.