Exclusive Interview with Siddhi Idnani, winner of Miss TGPC Season 3.

Siddhi Idnani crowned Miss TGPC West 2017.
Siddhi Idnani with judge Summer Jacobs

Siddhi Idnani was declared as the winner of Miss TGPC Season-3 in the month of September 2017. She became the third winner of this pageant and has charmed the TGPC audience thereon always. Siddhi has always been admired by our followers for being extremely beautiful, extremely smart speaker and the killer smile. We at TGPC got a chance to be little candid with her where Siddhi discussed many of her unknown sides with us. Let us have a look at this sweet chit chat with Siddhi.

TGPC: So Siddhi, before we begin the interview, tell us something about yourself.

Siddhi: My name is Siddhi Idnani, born and brought up in the vibrant and beautiful city of Aamchi Mumbai. My mom and dad have always supported me in doing whatever my heart desires. I freshly graduated from R.D.National College in the course of Mass Media. I’ve played the lead in one Gujarati Natak and one commercial Gujarati feature film. I am currently shooting for my very first Telegu Film. I am also an achor and a travel enthusiast.  I strongly believe in law of attraction, and that if you truly want something with all your heart then the universe conspires to give it to you.

TGPC: So you had been named as the overall winner of Miss TGPC Season-3, how does it feel?

Siddhi: To have won the title of Miss TGPC season 3, is undoubtedly very overwhelming. I got to know about it through Ritika Maam and since then I really wanted to become a part of it, I’ve said this time and again social media is extremely important in today’s day and age and TGPC provides that digital platform which is very essential, also they are a family that loves and supports their people like anything.

TGPC: What inspired you to participate in Miss TGPC contest?

Siddhi: I was training at the Tiara Pageant Training Studio, when I got to know about TGPC. I remember the minute I read that the enrollment had begun, I instantly sent over my entry. I studied the page and saw how involved members were and had some great knowledge about pageantry. It was then that i made up my mind to give my 100% into it.

TGPC: So What’s next Siddhi?

Siddhi: Well, for the near future I am preparing and putting my heart and soul for Femina Miss India 2018 along with filming for my Telegu movie. At the moment, FMI 18 is the sole aganeda and am really looking forward to it.

TGPC: You have been trained by Ritika Ramtri, Pageant mentor from The Tiara. How different did you feel before and after training?

Siddhi: Well, Anything I say is going to be less. I consider Ritika Ma’am to be my godmother. I’ve always been a confident person however I never really knew my true potential. Joining the Tiara Pageant Training Studio, was life changing. Today, I know that the sky is the limit and anything I want, I can get if I put my heart and soul into achieving it. And that is something that The Tiara taught me.

TGPC: Who is your role model Miss India?

Siddhi: I really look upto Priyanka Chopra. She won Miss World in the year 2000 after Yuktha Mookhey in 1999. She made what seemed impossible, possible and that inspires me. Her approach to work, to life is so commendable. She has created history and I had read this one interview of hers that really made a lot of sense to me. It read something like, its important not to reach where the masses do but to create a small place in the world that solely belongs only to you.

TGPC: How is a normal day in Siddhi’s life? 

Siddhi: So, here’s a little something about me. I am an absolute workoholic, I need to do something or the other or else I feel really anxious. So I prefer keeping myself really occupied major part of the week. And then when I have one day off, I just sit and relax and home. Catch up on social media and some Netflix. And just be a complete slob kebab and laze around the entire house, but that’s like one day out of 6 days a week 😛

Siddhi Idnani (Miss TGPC West 2017)

TGPC: People often compliment you for your speaking skills and smile, how does it feel?

Siddhi: So, I get my smile from my mother who is an actor and I get my acting skills from her as well. She has the most beautiful dimples I’ve ever seen and I get my communication skills from my Father, he is a voice modulation and soft skills trainer. So I think I’ve got the best of both worlds. God has given me such beautiful and gifted parents who have lent their good genes and superior skills, I couldn’t have asked for more 😛

TGPC: Is Siddhi a better actor or a better beauty queen material?

Siddhi: Winning the crown has been a dream since I was 9, while acting is my passion.I hope to be known as a beauty queen who is a great actor.

Siddhi Idnani crowned Miss TGPC West 2017.
Siddhi Idnani during Fashion Fundas Evening Gown round in a gown designed by Aliya Khan.

TGPC: Your answer to the final question ‘What would be the caption of your autobiography’ of Miss TGPC Season-3 finale was, “The girl who wasn’t born to live a mediocre life”. What did you mean by this?

Siddhi: What I meant when I said, “The girl who wasn’t born to live a mediocre life” was that since childhood, I’ve always believed in myself. The path that I’ve taken and the people who I’ve been lucky enough to meet on this path have only strengthened my belief in myself. I know that I am hardworking and I know that the sky is the limit. All of us should strive to lead a life that we’ve always dreamt of. Society forces us to limit ourselves and that is when the mediocre life seeps in. Its comfortable, no doubt. Its secure, no doubt. But I see myself living a life that brings new exciting turns everyday. A life that I’ve always dreamt of an extra-ordinary life of an ordinary girl.

TGPC: You recently got graduated with your education. How was the feeling of last day in college?

Siddhi: Convocation was great! It felt so different and had a feeling of emptiness yet so much hope and realization that the real life has just begun.

TGPC: Any message for TGPC readers?

Siddhi: TGPC is a great platform, there’s so much that a pageant enthusiast gets to learn from every post. Be it fashion tips, to pageant histroy, to the ongoing pageants. I personally read every single post and try to grasp as much knowledge as i possibly can get. Besides, I love the support that the TGPC family gives me. and it really pushes me to perform better.

Picture Credits: Mukesh Rathore, Photo N Vogue