The CURSE of Back to Back win in Pageantry

The Curse of Back to Back win in Pageantry
3 Powerhouses of Pageantry India, Venezuela and Philippines had all witnessed Back to back and then the fate of non-placement in the following year. Let’s revisit the saga once again.

Miss World 2000 : In the year 2000, “Priyanka Chopra” became the 5th Indian to become Miss World and was crowned by her predecessor “Yukta Mookhey” Miss World 1999. She gave the first back to back win to INDIA and 3rd in the History of the Miss World Pageant after first B2B win of Sweden in 1951-1952 (Kiki Hakansson crowned May-Loiuse Flodin) and 2nd B2B win of United Kingdom in 1964-1965 (Ann Sidney crowned Lesley Langley). But Priyanka’s Successor Femina Miss India World 2001 SARA CORNER went Unplaced in Miss World 2001 in spite of being a favourite.


Miss Universe 2009 : In year 2009, it was the first time that the world Witnessed a back to back in Miss Universe Pageant so far the only B2B win in history of the Pageant. Miss Universe 2009 Stephnia Fernandez of Venezuela(6th Venezuelan Miss Universe) was crowned by her compatriot Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela(5th Venezuelan Miss Universe). Stephnia debuted the new DIAMOND NEXUS PEACE crown of Miss Universe. It was also one of the most remarkable Miss Universe crowning because while crowning Stephnia the crown fell to the floor from the hand of Dayana but luckily the crown did not break.

In Miss Universe 2010, Stephnia’s Successor “Marelisa Gibson” Miss Venezuela 2009 Unplaced thus breaking the placement chain of Venezuela . This was only the third time that Venezuela didn’t made to the finals in 28 years after “Ana Karina Anez” in 2004 and “Jictzad Vina” in 2006.


Miss Earth 2015: Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong(3rd filipina Miss Earth) was crowned by Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrall(2nd filipina Miss Earth) both from the PHILIPPINES thus giving the first back to back victory in history of Miss Earth Pageant(their Home Country Pageant). And in Miss Earth 2016 Angelia’s Successor “Imelda Schweighart” Miss Philippines Earth 2016 went unplaced. This was 3rd time that Philippines failed to enter the finals after “Jeanne Angeles Harn” in 2007 and “Kris Psyche Orozco Resus” in 2010.

Which is yours favourite back to back win and who according to you was deserving a Placement ?

Author: Vihaan Randhawa