Miss Supranational 2017: Final Hotpicks

Miss Supranational is about to conclude tomorrow with contestants battling it out for the 9th edition of the pageant. While its very difficult to make out from all the stunners as one outstanding front runner, it also makes the contest more interesting. Have a look at what TGPC expert- Farhan Akhtar think on who will take home the crown.

Miss Supranational 2017: Final Hotpicks

1. Venezuela: From evening gown to swimsuit to Glam shot, she is nailing every segment of the competition!

2. India: Decent performer with a charming face. Her evening gown performance was one to watch. Definitely a front runner in the contest.

3. Ethiopia: She is the face of the pageant. Her swimsuit presentation was just fabulous!

4.Mexico: She is having a great walk and more than that a huge fan following as well!

5. Philippines: Loving her bubbly nature. She is having a huge fan following as well which will push her through in final round.

6. Indonesia: She gave an elegant preliminary performance but i feel she needs to show some more energy !

7. Puerto Rico: Loved her swimsuit presentation! Her glamshot was one of the best

8. Paraguay: She might pull off another Stephania Stegman, a great performer!

9. Thailand: She is having a great stage presence. She presents herself extremely elegantly!

10. Colombia: She is having a good body ! And as of now she is also having a huge fan following!

11. Brazil: A girl with a great walk and body ! But she is not having that confidence on stage.

12. Australia:  She is all about elegance. Her evening gown performance was fabulous.

13. Poland: Definitely a downgrade from last year ! But a placement is sure for her !

14. Namibia: The stunning black beauty of the contest. She is one of the girls having the finest walk!

15. Spain: Her angelic face is everything! Her performance was decent!

Review Credits: Farhan Akhtar, TGPC Elite Member.