Miss International 2017 – TGPC’s Final Hotpicks

’The land of rising sun’ is ready to host 57th Miss International grand finale this week precisely on 14th November 2017. Kylie Verzosa reigning queen from the orient pearl nation Philippines will crown her successor at Tokyo Dome City, Tokyo, Japan. 71 delegates are in Tokyo to bring the motto of the pageant “Love, Peace and Beauty” together. The pageant is famous for carrying forward the traditions, culture and diversity of Japan and the winners are successful peace ambassadors. The contest is very hard to predict as there was no pre judging activities and even if happened it will be based on the behavior of girls towards the staff of Miss International, which can’t be judged sitting at home. So our predictions were completely based on contestants’ liveliness which we got to see through different pageant forums and Live streaming given by contestants and the organization.

Miss International 2017: Vote for your favorite

Miss International 2017 - TGPC's Final Hotpicks



Being crowned as Miss International Colombia 2017 in Senorita Colombia one of the most followed national beauty pageant, Vanessa is all set to get back the Mikimoto crown to Colombia after 13 years. Being a student of Social Communication she knows how to connect with people and how to deliver when needed. Adding to her articulate personality she has a bang on pageant ready body to heat up the stage. She is ready to give her best so she is our WINNER.


If you are a pageant fan, Lithuania is not a new face for you. Patricija was a contestant at Miss Universe 2014 and won hearts of many pageant followers but failed to impress judges that night. But she is here in Japan fully prepared to make Lithuania proud. If our info can be believed she impressed everyone at INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S FORUM which can play a major hand in her winning. Did I mention? She is a Ballerina Dancer, Beauty with talent…!


Do you know? Miss International is the only organization to not crown an African even after 57 years of the existence for some obvious reasons. If they wish to crown one this year Tayla can do it for South Africa. A model and a ballet teacher with useful pageant experience is very articulate to take home the title of Miss International 2017. As the Miss International is under the auspices of the International Cultural Association, which is now being chaired by Akemi Shimomura of the Miss Paris Group, They can think of expanding their relationship and culture with Africa.


Standing 5’ 11’’ Chanelle is here in Japan to prove what she has and what she can. Falling down in Miss Universe 2016 she is ready to rise up and bring back smile on the faces of people of Curacao. Her classic features with dusky skin are definitely standout in a bunch.


Kevin is in Japan to raise the bar a little high which was set up by her predecessor Felicia Hwang. Indonesia is in thirst to win their 1st ever Miss International and it can be fulfilled by a cute faced performer like Kevin.

TOP 15

VENEZUELA : DIANA CROCE : Diana seems to be a very calm and poised Venezuelan beauty who perfectly fits to wear the crown of Miss International. Though she failed to put Venezuela on board of Miss World Final 20.I have high hopes on her to make it to the top 5 or even win 8th crown for Venezuela.

NEPAL : NITI SHAH : Here comes a living doll, Niti was my huge favorite to win Miss Nepal and the organization played smart sending her to Miss International. She is doing very well and stood out in almost every event that had happened. I wish Nepal shines on this Tuesday.

UNITED KINGDOM : ASHLEY POWELL : Ashley’s beauty is not everyone’s cup of tea, But she can pull of a surprise is what I think.

INDIA : The struggling powerhouse country failed to conquer Miss International though came close to winning six times. This time they are hoping to grab a crown with Ankita Kumari.

BRAZIL : BRUNA ZANARDO : Bruna was Miss Earth Fire 2016 (Dethroned). She campaigned for many top brands and ready to put forward her past experiences to win it all.

JAPAN : NATSUKI TSUTSUI : Japan might hit a bull’s eye this year with Natsuki. I heard that Japanese staff were really shocked with their delegate standing out among other beauties with her sharp skills which is a rare trait. 2nd Crown for Japan ? Lets see…!

PHILIPPINES : MARIEL DE LEON : Miss International never risked to give a back to back to any nation. Will Mariel break the chain and continue the glowing era of Philippines?

AUSTRALIA : AMBER DEW : Another beauty of Miss International stereotypes.

MEXICO : CITLAY HIGUERA : Exotic beauty with sharp Mexican features who molded herself to fit in to the shoes of Miss International.

UKRAINE : KSENIYA CHIFA : Beautiful, Sharp and poised Kseniya is another beauty who caught my attention. I love the way how she tries to connect with the people. In the International Women’s forum though she is not an eloquent English speaker she gave her best to convey her views.


I hope whoever it might be but the one who will be winning should carry forward the culture and traditions which stands necessary in a busy modern adaptable life. She should be a person who can bring LOVE,PEACE,AND BEAUTY together. ALL THE BEST.

Author: Pageant Expert Hemanth Macha

Picture: Facebook Page of Miss International