Hoang Thu Thao from Vietnam wins Miss Global Beauty Queen 2017

Hoang Thu Thao from Vietnam wins Miss Global Beauty Queen 2017
Hoang Thu Thao during National Costume round

Hoang Thu Thao was crowned as the winner of Miss Global Beauty Queen 2017 last night in Seol, South Korea. She represented the country of Vietnam and battled out 38 other candidates to win the title. She succeeds Nguyễn Thị Ngọc as the new Miss Global Beauty Queen. This was a back to back victory for Vietnam at the pageant.

At the same event, Pauline Escartefigues from France was declared as the first runner-up and Lorena Rodrigues from Brazil was declared as the second runner-up. While Samantha Mullins from Australia and From Eun Kim from South Korea placed as 3rd and 4th runners-up.

Priya Shah will represent India at Miss Global Beauty Queen 2017

TGPC’s very won Priya Shah, who represented India, won the subtitle of Best National Costume at the event. She was one of the Top 9 finalists at Miss TGPC 2017. The rest of the placements and subtitles were as below.

Full Result

Winner: Vietnam

First Runner-up: France

Second Runner-up: Brazil

Third Runner-up: Australia

Fourth Runner-up: South Korea

Top 15: Cameroon, Philippines, Netherlands, Latvia, Mexico, Poland, Korea, Czech Republic, Thailand, Venezuela



Miss Sympathy: Latvia

Miss Photogenic: Romania

Miss Talent: Indonesia

Miss Popularity: Indonesia

Best in Bikini: Venezuela

Miss Internet: Philippines

Miss Kukkiwon: France

Best National Costume: India

Peace Ambassador: Korea