Miss Grand International 2017: TGPC’s First Hotpicks

No pageant has ever created so much buzz in such short period of time. The best thing about Miss Grand International is the high standard maintained in terms of production, photography, etc. No wonder this pageant is on it’s way of becoming one of the Top 3 pageants in the world, forging ahead older pageants like Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Supranational, etc. As they say, how you perform is the only thing that matters, even if you are new in the game.


Miss Grand International 2017: TGPC's First Hotpicks

Miss Grand International 2017 has some really good delegates. Here are the Top choices of our expert.

  1. Peru – Maria Jose Lara is cementing her status as the Crown Contender. She has everything going her way right now. She was one among the Top 5 voted contestants who got the chance to appear on Viet TV as part of promotion of the pageant. With a phenomenal National Costume presentation, she tops our list at the moment for the Miss Grand International 2017 Crown.
  2. India – Undoubtedly the face of the pageant, Anukriti Gusain never fails to impress us. Her styling has been on point so far! Miss India organization have put a lot of effort and its clearly visible. We just hope their efforts pay off and India wins the crown because this girl is totally WORTH it!
  3. Venezuela – Tulia reminds us of the Miss Universe Venezuelas winners under Trump Era. She is the kind of girl everyone would expect to see at Miss Universe! She is extremely fierce and knows her angles very well. She is the best delegate Venezuela have send to this pageant, by a landslide.
  4. Indonesia – Miss Indonesia, Dea commands attention every single moment. She seems to have a very fun personality and could pull off a back to back win for her country. She came extremely prepared and it reflects in her actions.
  5. Thailand – Premika is a great representative from Thailand. What makes her superior to the previous Miss Grand Thailand Winners is her fluency in English which will play an important role once she makes it to the Top 5; besides, she is pretty and seems friendly.
  6. Philippines – Elizabeth Clenci is bringing her A game as the competition progresses! Her biggest asset is her styling and she has the regal aura about her just like reigning Queen, Ariska! She might just win it all.
  7. Vietnam – Home town girl really knows how to utilize the opportunity and she is shining all the way. She is a really pretty girl and manage to standout in all the pictures.
  8. Ukraine – Snizhana like most of the girls in Ukraine is extremely Photogenic. Although she lacks energy, her face and smile could alone make her win.
  9. South Sudan – Eyga is Africa’s flag bearer at this year’s MGI.She is one gorgeous woman with a fun personality.
  10. Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico has a very good placement record at MGI from winning the first edition to a top 5 finish last year. Although brenda is beautiful,we don’t see her making the top 5 as of now
  11. Australia – Australia is a sweet girl who can manage to surprise all of us with her charming aura. If she capitalizes on it properly she could go far.
  12. USA – Taylor is currently an underdog. She has sensual vibe about her & she is very well spoken. But she is inconsistent at the moment.
  13. Argentina – Being a pageant veteran, she knows what is right and what is not. She continues to impress us and we see a spot waiting for her in top 15
  14. Sri Lanka – what we love about Visna is the fact that she has a fire inside her unlike the other miss Sri Lankas who go to pageants as if they are going for a vacation. We just hope that fire takes her forward.
  15. Belgium – She is a pleasant surprise. She caught people’s eye during the welcome ceremony.we love to see more of her in the upcoming days!

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Credits: Miss Grand International

Author: Robin Verma