Miss Grand International 2017 Official Portraits: Top 15 Looks

Miss Grand International 2017 released the official portraits of the contestants and we can vouch on the fact that it speaks volume in terms of classy production of the pageant. This is one of the most fun pageant to follow after Miss Universe as both the pageants runs on parallel format. Our team went through all the pictures and picked the Best 15 Portraits of Miss Grand International 2017. Check out who are they (in alphabetical order).

Miss Grand International 2017 Official Portraits: Top 15 Looks
L-R: Belgium, Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, England, Hungary
  1. Belgium: Belgium’s exotic look stands her out in the bunch and the colour of her dress looks lovely on her skin.
  2. Bulgaria: Bulgaria looks like a human version of skinny doll. Loved her dress.
  3. Dominican Republic: Dominican Republic’s dusky skin tone screams sexy. Red suits her well.
  4. England: England is one of the best black beauties in the lot. The frills on her dress adds drama to her picture.
  5. Hungary: Hungary’s smile lit up her whole picture. It just enhances her beauty quotient.

    Miss Grand International 2017 Official Portraits: Top 15 Looks
    L-R: India, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Northern Ireland
  6. India: India’s heavenly beauty stands her out without any second thought and when she smiles, the competition ends there.
  7. Jamaica: Pageant people seems to be loving Jamaica a lot. Her dark skin tone combined with her unconventional beauty makes a deadly combination of being called as EXOTIC. Her smiles has that 100W presence.
  8. Malaysia: Malaysia has that Fashionista feeling about her picture. Looks like a Supermodel with that ponytail.
  9. Mexico: Another stunner in the lot, Mexico is there to win it and she has consistently been delivering well so  far. 
  10. Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland is a combination of Bombshell and a Barbie doll. This blonde is definitely here to make a long lasting mark.

    Miss Grand International 2017 Official Portraits: Top 15 Looks
    L-R: Philippines,Slovakia, Uganda, Ukraine, United States of America
  11. Philippines: A lady with perfect styling and class, this is all we can say when we see the picture of Philippines.
  12. Slovakia: Posing and styling could have been better but the girl herself is a bomb. Very likeable.
  13. Uganda: She gives a  vibe of a matured lady who held her head high and knows her good and bad. Such contestants are always the threats to top placements. Looks extremely modelesque in the picture.
  14. Ukraine: The beauty of Ukraine can easily get her a placement in the top notch. She could have picked up a better dress though.
  15. United States of America: Face like goddess, smile that emits radiance. What else do you want in your winner? She is one stunner out there.


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Picture Credits: Miss Grand International Facebook Page.