Jessia Islam is new Miss World Bangladesh 2017

Jessia Islam is chosen as the new winner of Miss World Bangladesh 2017. She will represent Bangladesh in Miss World 2017 in China. Last Bangladesh competed in Miss World was in the year 2001. Jessia is around 20 years of age and was born in Old Dhaka. She works as model and actress. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Jessia Islam is new Miss World Bangladesh 2017

Controversy about first winner

Originally, Jannatul Nayeem Avril was declared as the winner of Miss World Bangladesh. It is said that there was a huge controversy during the live event. As per unconfirmed reports, wrong winners were announced first and then after a while again the new winners were announced (the positions of the Top 3 were shuffled). There also have been unconfirmed claims on the internet that result was actually changed after first announcement on insistence by a sponsor, but again this can just be speculation. It is possible that wrong announcement of winners can be a human mistake, like it happened in Miss Universe 2015.

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Anyway, soon after Jannatul’s win, it was discovered that she is a divorcee; she was married for 2-3 months few years ago. Even her wedding pictures became viral on the internet. As per the rules of Miss World, she will not be eligible to participate in Miss World 2017. Hence the first runner-up Jessia Islam is now appointed as the winner.

Credits: Jessia Khan