[Shocking] Miss World Turkey 2017 dethroned after hours of crowning due to objectionable tweet.

Itır Esen wins Miss World Turkey 2017

It is sad and shocking to know that Miss World Turkey Itir Esen has been dethroned hours later being crowned as the winner. Reportedly, she made a tweet on 15th July 2016 where she compared her Menstrual blood with those of  249 people who lost their lives during the failed coup and are now celebrated in Turkey as martyrs day. This is what she tweeted,

“I am having my period this morning to celebrate the July 15 martyrs’ day. I am celebrating the day by bleeding on behalf of our martyrs’ blood”.

Apparently, this was taken very negatively by the public of Turkey and hence was brought to the notice of the organisers. They mentioned that they were unaware of any such tweets before and only go to know it after the final results were announced. Itir Esen denied the account being hers, but the head of Miss Turkey, Can Sandikcioglu, after a through investigation confirmed account being hers. He mentioned, “The Miss Turkey organisation, whose objective is to promote Turkey in the world and to contribute to its image, cannot accept such a post.”

Reportedly, the first runner-up and original Miss Universe Turkey Asli Shumen has now been promoted on Itir’s place and the organisation will soon reveal the representative for Miss Universe.