Miss Diva 2017 Bikini Shoot: Top 5 Picks by TGPC

Miss Diva 2017 Bikini Shoot

Miss Diva 2017 Contestants did a bikini shoot in a collection by official swimsuit partner of the event Nidhi Munim. As the contest is progressing, we are getting more and more revelation of potential from the girls. Swimsuit shoot was just another stage where we could evaluate girls at one more level up. Our team has picked 5 girls in the Bikini shoot who stood out instantly. Let us have a look at them.

1-Elisha Mayor

Elisha Mayor,  Miss Diva 2017 Bikini Shoot
Elisha Mayor

Elisha nailed the shot with her high class pose and styling. Hair done nicely and swimsuit colour suiting her skin tone.

2-Menka Rai

Menka Rai,  Miss Diva 2017 Bikini Shoot
Menka Rai

This dead ringer of Deepika Padukone never fails to impress her. In fact we feel Menka doesn’t even need to put full efforts to stand out in the pictures. She just shines out easily.

3-Shannon Gonsalves

Shannon Gonsalves,  Miss Diva 2017 Bikini Shoot
Shannon Gonsalves

The voluptuous curves and sexy stare of Shannon speaks it all.  The mysterious smile adds a different charm altogether in the shot.

4-Shraddha Shashidhar

Shraddha Shashidhar, Miss Diva 2017 Bikini Shoot
Shraddha Shashidhar

Shraddha has one of the most well toned body frame. The Yellow bikini just jumps out of her dusky skin tone. Perfect balance of accessories and styling.

5-Trisha Sood

Trisha Sood,  Miss Diva 2017 Bikini Shoot
Trisha Sood

Trisha just glows in this shot. She also has a slender body frame which can be presented well if worked upon nicely for a month.


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Picture Courtesy: Times of India