Miss World VS Miss Universe: Now only money matters.

 Miss Universe Miss World

The big 2 rivalry Miss World vs Miss Universe comes naturally to the pageant followers. Oftenly, Miss World and Miss Universe winners are compared to each other over their overall qualities to be called the Queen. By now, a very new paradigm is being drawn. Over are the 60’s and 70’s where stardom was used as the main comparison tools for big 2 Queens. Over is the showmanship of the 90’s with the superproductions clash of Miss World and Miss Universe. Eric Morley era is finished and Julia Morley assumes it. By now, the most realistic way to compare Miss World and Miss Universe is over the bank account.

Since 2012, Julia Morley is enforcing the main purpose of her presidency as the head of the MWO: Make Miss World the richest and biggest beauty company ever with a main allies in this journey: China. As she told it in the column of the Telegraph in 2005, her priority is to put Miss World in the corporation board of a beauty company with make-up and clothes lines. The BWAP skincare was created last year. It took very long, but the expensive hosting fees of Ordos 2012 was a good reason to expect much bigger coming from the Great Wall country. The New Silk Road initiative is that long-waited contract. This 900 billion dollar affair offers the possibility to the London-based company to secure its future and make easy money. The hosting possibilities becomes absurdly easy as they will have free pass to travel accross the 68 New Silk Road partners for the promotion of China and chinese culture. Singapore, Malaysia, and many chinese cities are on the list of the Miss World tour this year.

The rivalry is becoming so unfair as Miss Universe is now struggling for the hosts and sponsors. The New Silk Road investment, company based in Singapore will definitely put Miss World on the trading map. But the huge profits will surely come from the fashion world, as the New Silk Road Fashion vows to use the deep connections of Miss World to the western World to globalize the fashion activities coming from China. This company whose partners include LVMH ( owners of Dior And Louis Vuitton), Kering ( Gucci), Richemont, L’Oréal group, Cosmolady, the Victoria’s secret of China will allow Miss World to become a major endorser of luxury products for which China is a must-have market. This will cause a major problem to handle the lobby fight between Miss World and Miss Universe. As Miss Universe, we have to admit it, is facing problems about hosts and sponsors. The MU winners travelling less, and the competition being postponed to January. The issues are clear. The balance is no more existing cause Miss Universe has lot less powerful sponsors like Chi, Sherrill Hill, Yamamay and no huge commercial and modelling contracts from IMG/WME. So Money is the weapon of this fight as Miss World has political back-up now. The world is still deeply divided as Miss World is securing its domination on Asia, Africa, Oceania, the English Carribean and Europe and Miss Universe its advantage in Latin America, Phillipines and Thaïland. There no secret that Miss World is always blocking Miss Universe in Europe till ruining literally the reign of Iris as they want to bring Miss World in Nice and Miss Universe did block them in the US Last year. It becomes even bigger as Miss Universe defines its schedule for November even while they don’t have the host city yet in order to not loose completely the spotlight as they have low TV ratings since 3 years. Franchise holders are at the middle of a dangerous fight for exclusivity. While MU is on its way to become more popular than ever, MW is on its way to become more rich than ever. Will money put that insane rivalry at an insane level?

Author: Ashton Wernes Parker Desir