Miss Diva 2017: Top 5 Introduction Videos

Miss Diva 2017 Introduction Videos

Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva 2017 has officially kick started with all the pre-pageant activities and we have been observing even the minute most updates on each girl. Miss Diva organisation released the introduction videos of each girl today and we were excited to see so many good speakers today. While few of them fell down our prediction list, few of them surprised us and raised higher in our list of favourite for the crown. Our team analysed each and every girl in their introduction videos and came up with a Top 5 list which we found the best in the bunch. Remember, its not purely the top 5 best speaker, but an over all feeling of the potential. Here goes the list.

Top 5 Best Introduction

1) Apeksha Porwal

In the beginning, people were objecting that they don’t wish to see a repeater as the winner but she just turned the table in her favour through her rock solid confidence that she has shown in her introduction video. She has a personality, an impactful face and that zeal to win the pageant. Besides, she also has a story of starting her own Meal Service for poor to connect well with people easily which is the new trend at Miss Universe now a days. She can easily be the Top 3 in this batch.

2) Tejaswini Manogna

We were so surprised to see Tejaswini’s introduction video as long as 5 minutes where most girls were hardly 1-1.5 minute, but then this girl has the content to boast upon. One of the most accomplished contestants ever in India pageantry and yet so pleasant from pageant perspective. She has a very strong chance of winning the crown if Miss Diva chose to go Miss Universe way as Tejaswini has content to sell on the stage of Miss Universe. However, even if she doesn’t win, she would win Femina Miss India Telangana and probably Miss India Top 3 in future.

3) Shannon Gonsalves

Shannon is pure love..!!! Her cute accent and facial charm makes her a stand out. She has a natural flow while speaking and this is what made her stand out in the group where many girls lacked the spontaneity. We have observed Shannon for almost 3 months now and our experts have seen her in person for which they are sure that Shannon has a great shot at placing high in the pageant. Keep an eye on her.

4) Trisha Sood

Trisha has a great spontaneity while speaking, mostly because she has her education done from Canada. She has got good connect with audience through the medium of her expressive eyes and smile. However, we are yet to see that spark that resonates in the Miss Universe front runner delegates, hence we would reserve our opinion on her placement till the time we see more of her in coming days but she surely has a good chance to making it to the finals.

5) Monika Chaudhary

Her speaking skills weren’t the most outstanding but her overall presentation combined with her dead ringer look of Monika Radulovic, Miss Universe Australia 2015, made us pick her up for the 5th spot. She looks like one of those silent killers who defines the term ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. Although she is bit raw for Miss Universe stage, she can certainly make her place in Top 5 with current flow.

From rest of the girls whom we liked were Menka Rai who is just 18 but has attractive face which resembles to Deepika Padukone. She needs bit of grooming on speaking skills but her presence can’t be ignore easily. Another girl would be Shelly Karatia who has the presence and a good face to sell the brand, a little bit of polishing and she is shoo in. Vijaya Sharma has improved a lot from her 2013 but her only hope is Miss Universe representation which we find difficult in such a strong group. Last but not the least, Shraddha Shashidhar who is the reigning Miss TGPC South winner. People were disappointed with her lack of spontaneity in the video, but we can’t forget the time we saw her at Miss TGPC where people absolutely loved her. Besides, her face has harmony which would do wonders at Miss Universe or even Miss Supranational. We wouldn’t rule out on her yet and would like to see her progress in coming days, we are sure she will bounce back.

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Video Courtesy: Miss Diva Organisation.