[Designers Profile] Fashion Fundas, Official Wardrobe Partner of Miss TGPC 2017 Zonals.

Bhairavi Burad is Miss TGPC 2016
Bhairavi Burad- Miss TGPC 2016 with Mrs. Kamartaj Pathan, Owner of Fashion Fundas

Miss TGPC has always been blessed by the kind of supporters it has got in the form of Partners, Contestants, Mentors, Judges and the audience. One of our Partners, Fashion Fundas by Mrs. Kamartaj Pathan took an opportunity by designing 2 evening gowns for each winners of Miss TGPC Zonals which they will be wearing for the finale on 3rd September 2017.  The student of Fashion Fundas showed a lot of enthusiasm while preparing the gowns and had all good reasons to feel satisfied looking at the end product. Let us know each designer in bit more depth and understand what they have to say about Fashion Fundas and their mentor Kamartaj Pathan.

Designer-1: Varuna M Hirasakar

About Me: Growing up I really enjoyed playing dress up games. I enjoyed putting different pieces together to create my own unique style. I vividly remember how I used to take my mother’s dupattas and make dresses out of it just by wrapping around and now I know it has a term “drapping”. I guess I always had a liking towards fashion I loved everything about it, the fabrics, textures ,colors the feel of the fabrics against my skin. I always wanted to be different and have my own style. Whenever we had some fest or functions in school, I wanted to know was what are we going to wear? I feel like fashion has always been a big part of me. After my 12th I finally could go fulfill my dream of creating something of my own and be a designer. I was doing my research and finding all the places that offer designing courses but I din’t find what I was looking for, a little disappointed I met a Friend of mine who told me about Fashion Fundas. I made an appointment with Mrs Kamartaj Pathan and from there on, there has been no looking back. I found what I was looking for. Mrs Pathan is such a wonderful teacher and the kind of passion she has for her work is commendable. Being a student at Fashion Fundas and being under the guidance of Pathan mam has made me so much more confident about my work. Learning has never been so much fun as it’s over here and the teachings are going to be with me life long. At Fashion Fundas, I came to know about The Great Pageant Community. Miss TGPC 2016 crowning was a very lovely experience and today we are doing the gown for Miss TGPC which is equally exciting.

Designer-2: Dr Aliya Khan 

About Me: Joining Fashion Fundas has been one of the best decision I have ever made. The day I joined Fashion Fundas, I was already a medical student pursuing my career in the medical field. Being great with academic records, I always had the urge to pursue my career in fashion designing, knowing my strengths that I am capable of multitasking, I came to Fashion Fundas to follow my passion. And though I knew pursuing both careers at once will be a hard time. I still chose to do as I always knew that ‘if you can dream it, you can do it.’ Keeping this in my mind and with the support of Kamartaj ma’am who supported me in all my challenging times I kept working. Coming to Fashion Fundas has always relaxed and made me feel full of life. I always feel rejuvenated working here. Following my passion has given my heart the true happiness I have ever felt. So with the help and guidance of Kamartaj Ma’am I kept going on doing amazingly great in both the field’s. Also covered many events with her by my side boosting up my confidence in every event realising what I am capable of. Also had great experience working with celebrities, nevertheless knowing Kamartaj Ma’am was no less than a celebration! Later the event from TGPC came along giving us this amazing opportunity to work on a beauty pageant. Working on this event has been a truly wonderful experience. Exploring the market looking at those beautiful fabrics and selecting the one perfect fabric which suits the design I”d like to see my contestant wearing. Working on the dress has been a wonderful experience exploring the fashion designing world. Looking forward for the grand finale.

Designer-3: Srushti Jadhav

About Me: I have completed my 12th standard form Arts stream. After my first year in other fashion college, due to travelling inconvenience and since it was extremely far from my house ,I had to leave that college. One day during my first year I was checking my daily Facebook updates and I came across the page of Fashion Fundas Institute from Pune itself, which was in neighboring area and closed to my house . As I was going through their page, it was just like a dream come true for me. Since childhood I was tempted towards fashion and had that fashion sense. I was interested in wearing different kinds of outfits myself and was also interested what made that outfit different from other, like it’s stitches , cut and material . Hence I know I have chosen the right path for my creative mind to be put to work .I was always appreciated for my designer outfit in every event that I participated. So I actually decided to visit the institute for starting my bright future. When I saw portfolio and other study material of students in Fashion Fundas, I was so inspired by the minute details that they learnt here. The environment seemed very friendly and well bonded. Once I joined this institute, from the day one, mam and students were so helpful .There were no botheration whatsoever. I didn’t feel new in that place. I jelled up so quickly and that was only possible due to my friends that I got there. They made me feel like one of them immediately. Mam here believe in team work so we are not treated Superior or inferior. All my teacher here are very free and friendly . Recently at Fashion Fundas, we got a wonderful opportunity for working on a Beauty pageant, Miss TGPC. Designing gowns for the winners gave me so much of experience in so many aspects .I learnt a lot about various fabrics and how to differentiate between a good and bad quality fabric. Altogether it is a life time opportunity and the best experience in my life till now. I look forward to working on many such project in the near future.

Designer-4: Alka Vikas Adsule

About Me: I have done my education in BBA. Before joining Fashion Fundas, I had studied in 3 other institute in Dharwad but I couldn’t learn anything properly about Fashion Designing as I was dreaming high as Fashion Designer & one day my husband called up justdial for the enquiry . When I joined Fashion Fundas under 1 roof, I started getting exposure to the knowledge of Fashion Designing Basic & International level, while I did 49 events and Miss TGPC 2017 Zonals is 50th Event. I have designed winning gowns and dresses for local beauty pageants,  like May Queen. One of my events happened in central mall bund garden where we designers participated in the competition and all the fashion designing institute had taken participation & all the prizes were won by the Team ‘ Fashion Fundas . The other event was for the brand FAB INDIA, where we designers did a workshop on block printing and were well appreciated by clients & recent events, both hyper city Brand we did styling where we directly interacted with the customer & answering all their doubts which makes Fashion Fundas unique. Our institute has been awarded as one of the best by the legend actor Mr Amitabh Bacchan for excellence through just dial. The Great Pagent, TGPC is the platform where we saw, Priyanka Kumari rising & being a Miss Showstopper in seasons mall & Bhairavi Burad Miss TGPC of the year 2016 who was crowned in our institute. The great opportunity given by TGPC is making gowns for their winners. I’ll be dressing two girls, one in red gown and another in green gown.

Designer-5: Sanchita Sunil Dayma

About Me: After my SSC, the first question was what should my career be. My mother heard about Fashion designing related course and she took the decision that I should take Admission for DDGM ( DRESS DESIGNING AND GARMENT MANUFACTURE). I completed the 3 year course, Everything was new and different. New environment of college, new friends, because 1st time I left home but I adjusted in the climate and life style of the college. Later, I completed my Bachelor course in Aurangabad there I learnt maximum knowledge and study about designing. When I heard about Kamartaj Pathan from my seniors and on Facebook where the posts of Fashion Fundas were posted suddenly I got inspired by Mam’s Facebook page. I took decision and called mam about Fashion Fundas Admission, I thought it will be similar as other colleges but it was different. When I joined Fashion Fundas, I felt I am with my family, it means that Mam’s teaching style and talking style inspired me from within and I felt positive, valuable in every situation, when my sketch is seen by my friends they appreciate me as an artist. I feel that I have take true and best decision for my career. Mam has given me this opportunity to design for the “The Great Peagent Community’ contestants and I am feeling very happy. With this opportunity that mam gives comes a great opportunity with great confidence I have designed gown for TGPC where I learned how to select fabric to design. I did market survey for fabric new ideas and new concepts generated I worked on many create by me in which one design got selected by mam for TGPC and then I concentrated and started work . Too much knowledge has been gained from these opportunity. Lastly I specifically thank my mam, my parents who gave me the support and always inspired me for everything. Thank you TGPC for the wonderful opportunity.

Designer-6: Shreya Pandit

About Me: Since my school days drawing and craft were my favourite subjects. One profound thing about me as a child it came as heredity to me, my grandmother had love towards stitching, knitting which grabbed my attention and slowly these things got my interest in these areas. After my 10th Std, I took admission for 12th Home Science stream ,we had few subjects related to textile for fabric, some stitching projects. So while persuading this study I decided to get into fashion desigining as a full time career. So looked up for some fashion designing courses around the city. FASHION Fundas has been one of the renowned institute in our city that grabbed my attention. Mam being very much proactive part of the fashion industry helped to understand this industry. She was kind and helpful always. Today being a part of Fashion Fundas for more than 2yrs, I have been given tremendous exposure to the Fashion World. It gave me the opportunity to be the part of Fashion events where I understood the practical event hosting for the dress design and the way this industry works. Recently have I worked on project for Stitching & designing Pageant Gown. Starting from the sketching about the design to fabric selection holding market research and a little brainstorming with the ideas .It was exciting , the good factor about it was the appreciation from the institute. I am very happy as a Budding Designer, Designing & stitching Pageant Gowns for the The Great Pageant Community of India .

Designer-7: Pooja Oswal

About Me: I was studing CA CPT but I skipped and I turned up to do my career in Fashion Designing as I was more interested into designing. I went across many Institute but the best I found was Fashion Fundas because it has the best portfolio, high level education, shows and events conducted, Basic and Advance course of Fashion Designing. I finally joined it and started my journey of designing. My mentor Mrs. Kamartaj Pathan is the best teacher, mentor, my Role Model who has given me the best education and her blessings. “l LOVE BEING A FASHION DESIGNER”.. I am following Miss TGPC since the day I joined Fashion Fundas. I got a great opportunity to design gowns for the TGPC winners. I have done a market survey to choose the best fabric for my designed gown which me new collection of fabric, new concepts, new ideas. We had done crowning of Miss TGPC Winner 2016 BHAIRAVI BURAD AT FASHION FUNDAS. I am following many contestant of TGPC as there are beautiful, stunning, super talented gorgeous as well as they are all rounder.  Thank you to give me such a great opportunity to work with you as a designer. The journey of 1year 3 months till now is one of the best days of my life. It has brought complete change in my life. I am so glad to be the student of Fashion Fundas and having such a great mam MRS. Kamartaj Pathan. THE BEST DESIGNER. Thank you TGPC. I will always support TGPC and follow up. I would really love to be the best and successful Fashion Designer.

If you are also looking forward to join Fashion Fundas and learn more about fashion in-depth, please visit Fashion Fundas FB Page (Click Here) or connect to Mrs. Kamartaj Pathan.