Miss TGPC Zonals 2017, Episode 11: Final Competition [Videos]

It is so much pleasure to find success in something you put your heart and soul into.  As a result of the three rigorous rounds and lots of judging, finally we have arrived at Top 3 from each zone in Miss TGPC Zonals 2017.  The Top 3 from each zone now compete for the top position in their zone.

North Zone

Aditi Shukla

Chinkey Saini

Tashi Bahuguna

East Zone

Ayushi Reddy

Priyanka Kumari

Sakshi Gupta

South Zone

Rashmi Madhuri

Shaasthra Shetty

Shraddha Shashidhar

West Zone

Monal Jagtani

Siddhi Idnani

Utkarsha Kelkar

Miss TGPC Zonals 2017 – Finals’ Judges

Judges: Mannat Singh (Femina Miss India Kerala 2017), Kartik Behl (Entrepreneur, Atharva Creations), Rajkanya Baruah (Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016)
  • Ms. Rajkanya Baruah – Rajkanya Baruah is a popular model in India and the winner of Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016 title and besides, a very active group member of The Great Pageant Community. She has previously judged Miss TGPC 2016 & Miss TGPC 2017 seasons.
  • Mr. Kartik Behl – Kartik Behl is the official presenter of the Miss TGPC 2017 Zonals by the virtue of his firm ‘Atharv Creations’. Kartik is a very active member of TGPC and has a very sharp eye in spotting the potential winners.
  • Mannat Singh – Mannat Singh is Femina Miss India Kerala 2017 and was among the Top 15 semi-finalists in Femina Miss India 2017.

The criteria of judging is simple and clear: beauty, personality and overall presentation skills.  Let us know your favorites to win the zonal titles after going through the videos.

Next week in Miss TGPC Zonals 2017:

  • Wednesday 30th August: Best Transformation (All contestants)
  • Friday 1st September: Final Results

Update (30th August 2017): Change in judges’ panel due to unavailability of one judge.