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Clarissa Bowers wins Miss World America 2017 [Stunner Alert]

Clarissa Bowers wins Miss World America 2017

Miss World 2016 with Miss World America 2017

Clarissa Bowers, Neuroscience student from Vanderbilt University and hailing from Florida, has won the title of Miss World America 2017 by winning the first edition of America’s Miss World.  She was crowned by Miss World America 2016 Audra Mari.  Clarissa will now represent the United States of America at Miss World 2017, which will be held in People’s Republic of China later this year. Maureen Montagne was declared as 1st runner-up; she was a semifinalist at Miss USA 2015.  Emanii Davis was declared as 3rd runner-up; she was 2nd runner-up at Miss USA 2016.  In the same event, Gracen Grainger won chosen as Miss Teen World America 2017.

#MissWorldAmerica 2017 Official Results

Winner – Clarissa Bowers (FL)
1st RP – Maureen Montagne (AZ)
2nd RP – Chance Cessna (DC)
3rd RP – Emanii Love Davis (GA)
4th RP – Alexandra Curtis (RI)

#MissWorldAmerica 2017 Top 10

Emanii Love Davis (GA)
Clarissa Bowers (FL)
Alexandra Curtis (RI)
JoAnn Imosi Emale (TX)
Louina Lafalaise (FL)
Maureen Montagne (AZ)
Mariela Pepin (MD)
Chance Cessna (DC)
Krithika Rajkummar (OH)
Sierra Bognear (GA)

#MissWorldAmerica 2017 Top 16

Emanii Love Davis 
Mollie Thorson 
Alexandra Curtis 
JoAnn Imosi Emale
Shivali Patel
Katerina Villegas
Louina Lafalaise
Clarissa Bowers
Maureen Montagne
Mariela Pepin
Chance Cessna
Krithika Rajkummar
Marjana Chowadhary (Fund raising winner)
Sierra Bognear
Albena Appiah
Sasha Perea

Clarissa Bowers wins Miss World America 2017

Clarissa Bowers now has the herculean task of winning Miss World 2017.  The United States of America has won Miss World title 3 times, the last win being that of Alexandria Mills in 2010.  The last high placement of the USA in Miss World was achieved by Elizabeth Safrit in Miss World 2014 where she was 2nd runner-up.  Interestingly, Elizabeth is now the national director of America’s Miss World and her first stint has received rave reviews because the finals event was a big success.  The finals were attended by Miss World chairperson Julia Morley and reigning Miss World Stephanie Del Valle.

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