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Romina Zeballos Avellan wins Miss World Ecuador 2017!

Romina Zeballos Avellan wins Miss World Ecuador 2017!

On 22th July coronation night, Romina Zeballos Avellan was crowned as Miss World Ecuador 2017. The 25 year old beauty queen hails from Guayaquil, Ecuador. She will now officially represent her country, Ecuador at the upcoming Miss World pageant in the China. Romina is not new to pageants, she has previously won Reina de Guayaquil 2012. This year when she became Miss World Guayas 2017, she was all set to win Miss World Ecuador 2017 and succeeded Mirka Cabrera as the new Miss World Ecuador.  The event was led by Ecuadorian actor Danilo Carrera and former Miss World Dominican Republic, Yaritza Reyes. It was held outdoors in Juan Montalvo Park, Manchala.

Romina Zeballos Avellan competed with 14 other finalists for the coveted crown. She is 5’8 ft in height. Romina has a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts from Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo. She has also worked with M.I. Municipalidad de Guayaquil. She enjoys dancing and spending time with people. Apart for winning the main crown in this pageant, Romina also won Beauty With A Purpose award.

Full Results:
Miss World Ecuador 2017 – Romina Zeballos (Guayas)
1st Princess – Nicolette Coric (Pastaza)
2nd Princess – Alexandra Zambrano (Esmeraldas)

Ecuador has never won the Miss World crown before. The closest it could reach was in 1986 when Alicia Gisela Cucalón Macas secured the 6th runner up spot in Miss World 1986 pageant. Under Julián Pico direction, María Camila Marañón representing Ecuador managed to reach Top 21 in Miss World 2015. She was also in the Top 10 for Beauty With A Purpose. Romina Zeballos was one of the heavy favorites for winning Miss World Ecuador. She is now seen as one of the strong contender from a Latin country for Miss World 2017. This year Romina Zeballos Avellan will try her best to grab the first ever crown of Miss World for Ecuador. Do you think it’s possible? Do share your views in the comment section.

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