Exclusive Interview with Vrushali Gaurkar, Miss TGPC 2017

Vrushali Gaurkar is Miss TGPC 2017
Vrushali Gaurkar, Miss TGPC 2017, with Bhairavi Burad, Miss TGPC 2016.

Vrushali Gaukar, a 19-year-old girl from Nagpur, was crowned as the winner of second edition of Miss TGPC in last April. She battled out 14 other girls from across the country to claim the title of Miss TGPC 2017. This was her second attempt at the contest after finishing in Top 10 in 2016. Let us find out more about Vrushali Gaurkar and know her a little closer by an exclusive interview.

TGPC: Hi Vrushali, it’s been more than 3 months now since you were crowned as the winner of Miss TGPC 2017. Has the feeling sunk in already?

Vrushali: Not really , I still feel that it was just yesterday when I was crowned as Miss TGPC 2017. That feeling is still fresh in my heart. It was like a dream come true. I was about 18 when I was looking for some Pageant to participate in. That’s when I came to know about Miss TGPC. I did not know anything about pageantry but I decided to give it a shot. I gave my heart and soul into it  and now here I’m , I believe that nothing is impossible for a willing heart . I go back to the time when I was just in college and was attending my normal classes and now I’m here, where I have responsibilities as an ambassador of TGPC and I really look forward to what happens next.

TGPC: You became a PERFECT example of ‘Discovering Self’ [tag line of Miss TGPC] by showing a drastic transformation after finishing just Top 10 in Miss TGPC 2016 and winning Miss TGPC 2017. What do you have to say on this?

Vrushali: Nothing is constant but “change “, and if transformation is required then why not for betterment. It’s all about a dream and will to work hard to achieve it no matter how difficult it might get, how much adversities you face, your enthusiasm should never fade. I believe in improvement; While in the course of improving myself, I infact “Discovered Myself” and when you know your potential, you feel  closer to your dream. That is the point when you actually discover yourself . The whole idea is about working on yourselves without giving up .

TGPC: Since you were the only girl common to the batches of Miss TGPC 2016 and Miss TGPC 2017, tell us one good thing about both batches?

Vrushali: I feel lucky that I have met such  supremely talented girls from lengths and breadths of country . Girls from both the batches were equally dedicated, hardworking and motivated . And I have learned a lot from each one of them . In first batch I think the girls were experienced and serious about modelling and in second batch girls were nubs with great potential .

TGPC: Did you really think you would be named as the eventual winner of Miss TGPC 2017 when you applied for the contest once again?

Vrushali Gaurkar is Miss TGPC 2017

Vrushali: I had faith in myself , in my hard work. As I say It’s not always about winning but learning and performing better than own self every next time. I think hard work really pays off. I believe in working hard without thinking about results. They say ‘Give your best leave the rest’. I had promised myself that if I do not win, I will keep loving and working on myself no matter what.

TGPC: If not you, who would you have liked to see winning in 2017 batch?

Vrushali: It’s really difficult to say , as each girl was hardworking and gave her best shot . I liked each one of them and considered all of them  as a tough competition. Each girl had some special quality which sets her apart from others and I’m sure that each one of them will reach great heights.

TGPC: You got exciting prizes and promotion on TGPC as a winner, would you like to brief them up on how are you enjoying the perks?

Vrushali: Promotions are the best part. Whenever I see my pictures on TGPC page, I feel like a celebrity. I really admire the love I have been receiving from everyone. Apart from lifetime Promotions on TGPC, I have got cash money , a pretty dress from Busy Bee and one month training course at the Tiara which has groomed me for future pageants and I’m grateful to all the sponsors and team TGPC for everything. I am also going to receive a modelling portfolio by Photo N Vogue and a dress from Sumit Fashion soon.

 TGPC: You were trained by Ritika Ramtri at The Tiara last month, as a prize for winning of Miss TGPC, and finished in Top 5 at ‘The Tiara Queen’ by TGPC. How was the feeling of being at India’s No.1 Pageant Institute? What do you have to say about your mentor Ritika Ramtri?

Vrushali Gaurkar
Vrushali Gaurkar during Cocktail Wear round at The Tiara Queen by TGPC

Vrushali: This one month was the best month of my life. I’m not exaggerating , but it really was. I feel lucky that I got a golden opportunity to get train under Ritika mam. Being in Top 5 in ‘The Tiara Queen’ by TGPC was an amazing experience.  I have got to learn so much from Ritika ma’am . She is very kind hearted , hard-working  and a pure soul . She pays attention to every little detail. She gives her best to whatever she does and that’s what makes her India’s leading pageant coach today. I really admire her. She is fairy godmother to me . And I’m proud to be a Tiara girl.

TGPC: What is that one thing that you learnt at ‘The Tiara’ that you will remember forever? 

The Tiara Queen by TGPC
Vrushali Gaurkar was also awarded the subtitle of Miss Beautiful Hair by Divine Love.

Vrushali: There isn’t just one thing that I have learnt at ‘The Tiara’ but innumerable things which I have learnt there not only about pageantry but about life.  One thing is ‘Nothing beats a good heart, you have to be a kind soul to be successful in any field of life, stay humble work hard and be kind”. And another thing which I would like to specify is ‘Never compromise your values to please others people, keep your self-respect’.

TGPC: How does it feel when people address you as Miss TGPC?

Vrushali: I feel proud to be associated with such a prestigious title. It is the most beautiful and wonderful feeling when people who use to call you by your name address you as ‘Miss TGPC’. When my father calls me Miss TGPC, I can see that yes, he is proud on me and what could be better than making your parents proud.

TGPC: Miss TGPC is going into Zonal formats now with crowning of zonal queens. What’s you take on it?

Crown of Miss TGPC 2017 Zonal Competition

Vrushali: I think it’s the best idea of crowning zonal queens. Girls will get opportunity to represent their respective zones, get promoted in front of right people at right time. By this more girls will get exposure to the main stream pageantry . Moreover they’ll be getting chance to improve themselves and learn a lot in this journey . TGPC will be changing lives of many girls again. I want to say all the best to all the participants and may this be the best experience of your lives.

TGPC: Which was your favorite round at Miss TGPC and why?

Vrushali Gaurkar during Ethnic Wear round of Miss TGPC 2017

TGPC: My favourite round at Miss TGPC 2017 was ethnic round.  A girl looks her best in ethnic wear. In that round girls were showcasing their traditional outfits ( representing their states ) which was wonderful. It was the very first round and I remembered girls with their traditional outfits since then it was kind of first impression of the girls on the audience. And being a “Marathi mulgi “ Indian style is my favourite.

TGPC: You are doing B. Sc in Agriculture. Why this course?

Vrushali: From childhood I had keen interest in science. B.sc Agriculture is an unconventional career option and I find it alluring. I want to make contribution to the country’s economy by guiding the farmers towards better life . I love nature and want to make world greener and a better place to live .

TGPC: What are your future aspirations and what career would you like to be in? 

Vrushali: First of all pageantry is very important to me. I want to represent India at International platform and make nation proud. Apart from that I want to go into research and bring revolutionary change in our countries agriculture. As we all can see pollution is increasing rapidly causing threat to all the living things. Farmer suicide is one of the topic which touches my heart always, I want to do something to improve their lives and eradicate farmer suicide in India .

TGPC: We are sure winning Miss TGPC wasn’t an easy job, a lot many people would have supported you. Would you like to mention them on this interview?

Vrushali: To reach somewhere you need support and by gods grace I have my family standing strong beside me, friends whose value is more than rubies and pearls. Another group of people whom I would like to thank are DIPAK, ANDREAS, ROOPESH, ADITI  and each and every member associated with “The Great Pageant Community “❤ . I feel lucky that God introduced me to you guys . It would be impossible to count all the ways that you have helped me in my journey . Thank you so much for all that you have done . I only hope I can return the favour sometime in future by winning national and international crown.