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Suné January is chosen as Miss Namibia 2017

Suné January is chosen as Miss Namibia 2017

Suné January is chosen as Miss Namibia 2017

Suné January of Rehoboth is chosen as Miss Namibia 2017.  She succeeds Lizelle Esterhuizen as Miss Namibia winner.  Suné may represent Namibia at Miss World 2017 and/or Miss Universe 2017.  Mostly the winner of Namibia comes from Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia.  This is the first time a beauty from Rehoboth has won the title.


Suné January – Miss Namibia 2017
Romilly Mouton – 1st runner up
Tessia Mutwamezi – 2nd runner up

Miss Namibia was held in 1980.  However, the first major success of Miss Namibia was achieved by Michelle McLean in 90s.  She was Miss Namibia 1991.  She placed as the 4th runner-up at Miss World 1991 and then later won the title of Miss Universe 1992 in Thailand.  Miss Namibia 1993 Barbara Kahatjipara won Miss Congeniality at Miss Universe 1994.  The only placement of Namibia in Miss Universe after Michelle was achieved by Ndapewa Alfons, Miss Namibia 2002 who was Top 10 at Miss Universe 2003.  Namibia placed at Miss World in 2006 and 2009.  The only major success of the country after that was achieved in 2015 when Miss Namibia 2015 Steffi Van Wyk won Miss World Sports in Miss World 2015.  Let us see how Suné January makes the most of this wonderful opportunity as Miss Namibia 2017.

Credits: Miss Namibia

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