Lunette Fashion Pageant Questions 3: Prelims Round 9 Results [Meet the Top 12]

Hello Everyone! Welcome! This is the last prelims episode and now we know the Top 12 🙂 Congratulations to all those who have made into the semi-finals  🙂 Keep honing your creative writing and answering skills! Moving onto the results of this episode, the question for this week was:

There were many good entries among which we have picked our Top 5 for this week.

The judges for this week: Andreas Sarkar, Aditi Pillai and Shobin Krishna (from TGPC panel).

Moving on to the results:

4th runner upRoma Jee
Her answer: I’d peep into future 5-7 yrs ahead to fulfill the Curiosity of Unlocking the Uncertainty of Life;to comprehend the amount of Struggle needed for settlement;to evaluate any problems then,due to past;to know the pros & cons of my future in a way that when I come back to present,I can shape it better & make My Dreams come true in TOMORROW’S REALITY!

3rd runner up: Abu Pame
His Answer: A desire to relive your past sounds you’re not fully satisfied with your life.If you live your life with full of positivity,and learn to cheer every moment,you’ll always be content of your life.I enjoy every stage of my life and honestly I never long to relive my past.I enjoy everyday to the fullest as a kid,as a teenager,youth,and an adult.

2nd runner up: Malosri Basu
Her Answer: Given a chance I’d be of 2yrs. When you don’t have to worry about anything. You are not judged but adored for the things you do, the mistakes you make. The love you recieve is unconditional. Your innocence naturally attracts people so you don’t need to fake it to please them. So even if for a week, I’ll get to enjoy every moment the way I want to.

1st runner up: Tanishq Verma
His Answer: I would like to be of 65 for a week.As people say, u need 3 things to be successful in life ,that are Knowledge, Energy and Experience. I will gain 1 things I lack today as a youngster, that is Experience by living the life of a 65 years old. After coming back I will use that Experience with Knowledge and Energy I have to live a successful life.

And The WINNER of the round 8 is:

Khushi Burad

Winning answer – To understand we need knowledge,to feel we need experience.Being a teenager when I argue with my parents I never understand them.If I were to become of an age I would prefer it to be of my parent’s as when I would come to know about their struggles and sacrifices to raise a child only then I would know them better and respect them more.

Completing the top 10 (in order) :
Chinkey, Tapaswini, Simeon, Daniel, Hemanth

Completing the top 15 (in order) : Farhan, Shakeel, Muskan, Mohit, Prateek.

Congratulations all of you!!! Well done.

Final Leader-board


By virtue of winning preliminary episodes, the following get entry in the Top 12: Chinkey Saini, Zain Sabir, Juan Spain (Priyank Bhambhani), Chris Marbri, Shakeel Badgujar (Jimmy Shah), Rimzenith Tamang, Priti Jiwane & Khushi Burad.

By virtue of scoring the highest in the final leader-board, the following enter the Top 12: Roma Jee, Simeon Singsit, Malosri basu, Tanishq Verma.

Top 12 contestants to compete in the semi-finals: Chinkey Saini, Zain Sabir, Juan Spain (Priyank Bhambhani), Chris Marbri, Shakeel Badgujar (Jimmy Shah), Rimzenith Tamang, Priti Jiwane, Khushi Burad, Roma Jee, Simeon Singsit, Malosri basu, Tanishq Verma.

By virtue of topping the leader-board, Chinkey Saini gets direct entry in the Top 6.  She is already a finalist!

See you in the semi-finals on coming Friday 8 PM, IST on Facebook page of The Great Pageant Community.