Priyanka Kumari: Story behind the ‘overnight success’ !!

Priyanka Kumari
Priyanka Kumari with other winners of Femina Miss India 2017 – Manushi Chhillar & Sana Dua.

Within an hour or two, the fate of Priyanka Kumari changed. Now she is Femina Miss India 2017 2nd runner-up. She is a national celebrity! The media is and will write about her. Who knows, we will see her in movies and TV shows too in future. She may represent India at international stage this year. To most people, this may seem as overnight success. But those who know her well will disagree. Behind the smile and the success, there is a story of perseverance, courage, hard-work and self-belief.

Pageant Journey of Priyanka Kumari

  • Priyanka Kumari was always good in academics in school as well as college. She completed her Mechanical engineering course and joined the biggest Multinational IT company of the country where she worked for few years.
  • Priyanka has always been a tomboy but thoroughly enjoyed a pageant grooming course at the Tiara last year and decided to go further in the field. With an aim to pursue higher studies and also get more pageant grooming, she gave up her job.
  • The first pageant that Priyanka Kumari participated in was Miss TGPC 2016. She did well throughout the pageant and won a lot of public support for her excellent rampskills and sweet personality. She finished as 2nd runner-up at the pageant. ¬†She was a favorite of her co-contestants, and hence won Miss Congeniality.
  • In few days, she also won a local pageant called Miss Showstopper in Pune. For this victory and her win at Miss TGPC, she was invited by the Tiara again for a course which she made the most of.
  • Having roots in Bihar, she auditioned at Patna for Femina Miss India 2017 and was chosen as the Top 3 finalist from the state. In the East zone pageant, she won Best Rampwalk and also the state title.
  • She joined Femina Miss India 2017 with an open heart to learn and make most of the experience. Again she won Best Rampwalk and Miss Goodness ambassador, which is no surprise considering her sweet, congenial nature. She was also Top 9 in Best National Costume round. She had worked very hard for this round in particular. Just to get components for the dress, she would travel 30-35 km and did everything herself.
  • In the finals she gave her best and thankfully everyone noted her amazing walk and beautiful personality. Her answers won huge applause. Even in the final round, she was fabulous. The girl had tears in her eyes when she won 2nd runner-up title.
  • At the time of crowning you can see how she helped Manushi Chhillar in getting her sash properly placed. Her goodness just comes through in everything she does.
  • Her pageant journey has been incredible. Her goodness has attracted wonderful support from her mentors and friends. She leaves no opportunity to thank Ms Ritika Ramtri from the Tiara and of course the TGPC family which has been madly rooting for and supporting her since Miss TGPC.
  • The journey has not ended! There are many strengths with which Priyanka Kumari can move ahead in international pageants. Her body is in great form and her walk is amazing. She speaks good and her sweetness just comes across in everything she does. Her affable smile is infectious. Some more grooming and transformation will turn the angel into a crown contender at any international pageant she is sent to!

For us at TGPC, Priyanka Kumari is and will always be ‘TGPC ki Beti‘. We will always support her no matter what. Many of us in TGPC group had tears when she succeeded last night, because we have been a part of her journey and her success means a lot to us too.

Best wishes & unconditional love from us to you, Priyanka!

Image: Femina Miss India