Femina Miss India 2017: TGPC’s Final Hotpicks [Exclusive]

Author: Adney Goncalves

femina miss india 2017

Change is good, change is unavoidable and change is necessary to thrive. Such an  initiative was brought in by the Femina Miss India Org this year with a hashtag #WeAreChanging. The first change was the height criteria which was brought down to 5’5″ which gave opportunities to many girls to audition and get selected, the second being auditions held in each and every state of India and thus each state would be represented along with the national capital, making it 30 contestants this year.  These two changes turned the entire course of the whole Miss India system. ‘Be the pride of your state’ was an initiative launched and it came back with a roaring success.

Thus Miss India 2017 has the best 30 girls each state has to offer and after a month of intense grooming and preparation, the girls are ready to hit the culmination of their hard work on June 25th and we, at TGPC with our members consideration and keeping in mind how the girls have performed throughout the competition have finally come up with out final choices for the crown and yes it was the hardest one ever!!!


Manushi is tall and speaks well; she was on everyone’s radar the moment she was crowned Miss Haryana. With her progression in the majority of the sub contests, Manushi sealed the deal by winning Miss Photogenic (winner of this subtitle mostly places).

Maira is everything what miss world is looking for – an intelligent girl with a purpose. Maira has graduated from Oxford university in London and has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa to raise fund for charities. With a profile that is Miss World ready, Maira has the eloquence in speech, the grace on the runway and a heart with a purpose. 

Aishwarya is easily the face of the pageant. Being an established actress, she just didn’t get a pretty face to the competition but got along an unquenchable thirst to win it all. By winning most sub contests she has proven that she is one to watch out for. Maharashtra also has one of the most Miss India winners, Can she join the list of the elites? We most certainly think so.


Anukriti is no stranger to pageants, she participated in Miss India 2013 and was in the top 5, she also represented India internationally and finished as a runner up. She has always been the bride and never the bridesmaid, we think this year might be her year to shine and take it all. She comes with a better preparation and confidence to go with it.
One girl that has been a real dark horse is Licha. She barely made it to the competition and when she finally did, she slowly climbed the lists of every pageant enthusiast which her eloquent speech and sophistication. This was cemented when she placed in majority of the subcontests. A girl from a small village where opportunities are sparse but the spirit is not, this girl knows how to speak!!

TOP 11

Disregarding the fact that she is TGPC’s own girl, Priyanka has stood on her own feet and glided along the competition with grace and humility. Possessing with a girl next door vibe, she has catapulted on the higher rungs of the ladder. Winning best in catwalk and Goodwill ambassador also establishes herself as the one to watch out for. 
MIZORAM (People’s Choice)
Rody was contemplated as the top bet pre arrival. But post arrival, she gradually declined from pageant lists galore. It was mid way competition that Rody started to gain back the lost momentum with her talent skills, national costume and good photo shoot. By winning Miss Popular she is bound to win a people’s choice contest if there is one (remember miss 8888?) Mizoram also debuts in Miss India through Rody so the expectations and support from her people is very high.
Mannat is the tallest contestant at Miss India this year. Its not just her towering height is a plus, she is by far one of the most natural speakers of the batch.her speech doesn’t come across as contrived, which makes her very likable. The only qualm we have with her is that she needs to tone her body a bit. 
Simran may not be the prettiest girl of the batch but she has a spark that is unparalleled and a verbal grace that is unmatched.Hailing from the newest state of the Indian Union, she has certainly brought something new to the table and this intangible factor she has is the one which makes her stand out. 
Many will question why Sana is so low on this list. Why? Because we believe she is cut out for something better and that better profile is that of Miss India Universe, Yes she could win Miss India World but her statuesque body and a likable persona will make her standout in whichever pageant she represents India internationally. 
Navpreet makes a comeback to Miss India after placing in the top 5 in last years edition. With a pre exposure to Miss India, Navpreet was on every pageant fans radar, yes this year she is more out there but many people are stacking her previous years performance to this years. Many people are on the fence about her but we think her previous experience will sail her through the semifinals.
We know whoever wins, will be our best and will make India proud internationally. We would also like to applaud Femina for putting so much hard work into this years edition and making it a grand success. We hope this system continues and we are treated which excitement every passing year.
After much deliberations and consultations, we arrived at our top 11.  So, who do you think will make the semifinals and take the crowns this year. We’d like to hear about your choices and who should win this years Miss India? Have your say.