Lunette Fashion Pageant Questions # 3: Question 6 Results [Ep-7]

Hello Everyone! Welcome! We are almost midway into the contest. Few weeks later, we’ll have a new winner of this season 🙂 Congratulations to all those who have made into the semi-finals and good luck to all those who are yet to get qualified as semi-finalists 🙂 Keep honing your creative writing and answering skills! Moving onto the results of this episode, the question for this week was:

There were many good entries among which we have picked our Top 5 for this week.

The judges for this week: Saloni Sharma, Andreas Sarkar, Roopesh D Souza, Aditi Pillai and Shobin Krishna (from TGPC panel) and our very own Kartik Behl (Winner of ‘Most Admirable Member 2016’ title).

Kartik Behl
Kartik Behl, winner of ‘Most Admirable Member 2016’ title

Moving on to the results:

4th runner upDaniel Dsouza

His answer: Dress codes have been in place for a long time and help distinguish between particular activities, job categories, titles and much more. The way we dress affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act and the way other’s react, When you judge a woman by her appearance it doesn’t define her, it defines you as a small minded person.
Thank You.

3rd runner up: Chris Marbri
His Answer: She’s a global celebrity and has represented India with respect and integrity.Indecent behavior wasn’t shown but people chose to objectify her.Cultural barriers cannot lead to modern progress.I believe in Freedom of speech and expression-a balance is imperative.Can’t we stop smearing culture on personal choices to cover up for our own insecurity?

2nd runner up: Adney Goncalves
His Answer: For every literate man, there will be atleast two more idiots. The negative comments on indecency of the dress worn was nothing less than the sexist minds of chauvinistic male society deeply rooted in the so called ‘Sanskar’ and they are the same men who worship women as goddess. A dress doesn’t define a woman, her character does!

1st runner up: Chinkey Saini
Her Answer: What we wear do not define our character but how others see us define theirs.Similar to PC this would be the last thing bothering me for what others think of me.knowing that honor lie in the eyes I saw an alpha woman greeting a leader with humility and poise.They must have had head-to-head while socialites were bleating over the length of a fabric.

And The WINNER of the round 6 is:

Rimzenith Tamang
Rimzenith Tamang

Winning answer – “It’s abashing that in this age also we are labeling the dignity of a woman with a cloth. Some people can’t stand against the atrocities that a woman faces but same people get provoked by what she wears.This coy thinking hinders the root of our progress. It’s high time we recognize women for their efforts rather than teaching them how to dress.”

Completing the top 10 (in order) :
Roma Jee, Muskan Verma, Khushi Burad, Abu Pame, Prateek Lakhera

Completing the top 15 (in order) : Shakeel (Jimmy Shah), Tanishq Verma, Lovey Sarda, Ruth Charlesworth, Hemanth Macha

Congratulations all of you!!! Well done.


  1. Rimzenith Tamang being the winner of 6th Round, gets a direct entry to the semi-finals 🙂 
  2. Only the entries that followed the rules were considered while evaluation by judges.

6th Leaderboard


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