Lunette Fashion Presents ‘Pageant QA Series-3’: Episode-6 [Results]

Hello Everyone! Welcome! We are almost midway into the contest. Few weeks later, we’ll have a new winner of this season 🙂 Congratulations to all those who have made into the semi-finals and good luck to all those who are yet to get qualified as semi-finalists 🙂 Keep honing your creative writing and answering skills! Moving onto the results of this episode, the question for this week was:

There were many good entries among which we have picked our Top 5 for this week.

The judges for this week: Saloni Sharma, Andreas Sarkar, Roopesh D Souza, Aditi, Dipak Shahi and Shobin Verma (from TGPC panel) and Nehal Chudasama (Winner of TGPC Pageant Questions Season 2).

Nehal Chudasama
Nehal Chudasama – Winner of Pageant Questions, season 2

Moving on to the results:

4th runner upJuan Spain

His answer: Greetings All,
A soul if surmises to contribute to community is warmly embraced at Beauty Pageants, where perspective of a personality is perceived, to be delegated for enlivening the indigent. Plastic Surgery is solely the Liberty of Contestants, defying it by phrasing as “Cheating”, belies the preceding intellection of Beauty Pageants.
Thank You.

3rd runner up: Rimzenith Tamang
Her Answer: If someone feels more confident and beautiful through plastic surgery then we have no right to judge them for their personal choice. Many pageant winners are often criticised for doing surgery, but that doesn’t make them less worthy of the crown. It’s the undying passion and hardwork to represent their country that have earned them their titles.

2nd runner up: Simeon Singsit
His Answer: Definitely not. If it makes them more confident and strong, who we are to judge them? Sometimes, pressures and perfection drive people to change. I can understand where they stand and come from. Personally, I wouldn’t go for it but for others ‘to each their own.’ They will still be the same as I have known them. My opinion on them won’t change.

1st runner up: Chinkey Saini
Her Answer:Plastic surgery may change someone’s features but it cannot change the way they think,feel and react.A conventional beauty may win attention but a passionate heart and an eloquent mind never fails to make its way to the coup.The idea of being ‘pretty’ is unique and should be respected.I’ll better refine myself for the fixture than to blame someone.

And The WINNER of the round 4 is:


Winning answer – “I believe that ‘Appearances are deceptive’. If she wants to go under the knife to increase her self confidence then it is totally her druther and I’m fine with it. The winners that we have had till date were full of compassion, humility and had a selfless heart because a woman can never win just on the basis of her external beauty. Thank you.”

Completing the top 10 (in order) :
Numaan Khan, Malosri Basu, Adney Gonsalves, Zain ul abedin, Dr. Roma Jee  

Completing the top 15 (in order) : Abu Pame, Khushi Burad, Ashwarya Narangikar, Franz Osida, Chris Marbri

Congratulations all of you!!! Well done.


  1. Shakeel Badgujar being the winner of 4th Round, gets a direct entry to the semi-finals 🙂 
  2. Only the entries that followed the rules were considered while evaluation by judges.

5th Leaderboard


See you next episode on Friday 8 PM, IST on Facebook page of The Great Pageant Community.