Daniela Cepeda crowned Miss Ecuador 2017!

Daniela Cepeda crowned Miss Ecuador 2017!
Stunning Daniela Cepeda was crowned as the winner of Miss Ecuador 2017. She will now represent her country in Miss Universe 2017 later this year. The national finale was held at Babahoyo, Los Ríos.  She succeeded Connie Jimenez as the new Miss Ecuador.
At the same event, Jocelyn Mieles was declared as the first runner-up, Maria Jose Vilacis was declared as 2nd runner-up while Dayanara Peralta and Nicole Hidalgo were declared as 4th and 5th runners-up respectively. The Top 10 court was completed by Katty Lopez, Sofia Peñafiel, Monica Gonzalez,  Rosi Torres, Stefania Parra.
Daniela Cepeda crowned Miss Ecuador 2017!
Danela is 22 years old beauty and stands 1.73 m tall. She  is studying Psychopedagogy at Casa Grande University. Among his favorite free time hobbies, is traveling, going to the movies and practicing sports such as athletics and cliclismo. When asked “What does beauty mean to you?” in finale,  Daniela answered, “Beauty is much more than what one sees, these physical attributes, it is what a woman projects, what you express in the gaze, it is the essence, it is what sets us apart.”
Ecuador has never won the crown of Miss Universe before. Do you think with Daniela Cepeda, they can do it this year? Do share your feedback in comment section.

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