Hotpicks for the Crown: World Supermodel India 2017 [Adult Category]

Hotpicks for the Crown: World Supermodel India 2017 [Adult Category]

World Supermodel India 2017 pageant is about to conclude tomorrow night when one lucky girl shall be crowned as the winner of World Supermodel India 2017- Adult Category. The pageant is owned by Yellow Umbrella Pvt Ltd, headed by Yogesh Agarwal and the pageant is directed under the leadership of Sudha Subramanian. and The winner of this pageant will represent India in World Supermodel 2017 to be held in Macau in May 2017. TGPC being an official media coverage partner, the girls were taken LIVE on the  facebook page and were made to interact with the fans. The experts of TGPC judged all the girls on the basis of their personality, their walk and overall  X-factor and made a list of Top 7 whom we consider to be very strong contenders fighting for the crown tomorrow. Remember, this list only showcase of whom we consider as the strong contenders and don’t have any influence on the actual result of the contest. Let us see who are the Top 7 [In alphabetical order].

Top 7 of World Supermodel India 2017-Adult Category

Hotpicks for the Crown: World Supermodel India 2017 [Adult Category]

Anamika Pippal: When we saw her Live Chat, we knew this girl was going to place high in finale. She posses a winning aura already. She had one of the best styling in last night’s party. She is professionally groomed for pageants and was a winner of Mock Tiara pageant. She is expected to take it by storm tomorrow night when she walks down the ramp.

Ankita Shrivastava: Ankita has a very positive outlook and is a great speaker. Her Live chat shows that she is very grounded person and has matured thought process. The only thing that concerns us is that she is not as tall as other fellow contestants but on other hand we feel she has other extremely good qualities which will make her STAND OUT tomorrow. Keep a close watch on this girl.

Pallavi Singh: This girl has a great sense of styling and has good rampwalk. She finished as 3rd-runner up at recently concluded Miss TGPC and is expected to deliver similar results in World Supermodel India 2017 pageant. She has potential for sure, a little amount of training and she will be bang on to represent India at International level sometime soon.

Ruth Perissinotto: Ruth has got ROCK solid confidence into her and that’s what we absolutely love about her. A beauty queen with a lot of brains is how we can define Ruth. She is no new to pageantry and has won 2 titles in past hence she is expected to finish high in the finale.

Shivvani Tak: Shivvani has very cute and bubbly vibes about herself that you simple can’t ignore her presence. Her addition to Top 7 would be an icing on the cake tomorrow. She comes across as a genuine person when she speaks. We won’t be surprised if she is one of the Top 3 tomorrow.

Sirjana Nagpal: Sirjana is one of the most polished delegates in the contest and her Live chat was a proof of that. The way she handled diplomatic questions was something everybody should learn from. If Sirjana wins, she will definitely be one of the hot favourite to win the crown at international pageant as well.

Symrin John: Facially one of the most beautiful girls and has a charm which can pass off as a model as well as a beauty queen. Personality needs a bit of grooming but can be considered as a one to watch girl tomorrow night in the finale.

Do you agree with our list? Did your favourite make it to the list? Do let us know in the comment section..!!!

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