Miss TGPC 2017, Episode 2: Miss Personality [Videos]

Beauty attracts the eye, but personality captures the heart.

Over the years, we have seen that often in pageants the girls with good personalities often shine over prettier faces.  This is perhaps because in person it is personality that makes more impact.  As such all girls are pretty in major pageants.  Also, the organizations would prefer to work with girls they like in terms of personality.  Hence, it is of utmost importance for pageant aspirants to continuously improve their personalities, be it in interviews or in general.

Meet Miss TGPC 2017 contestants and vote for your favourite

In Miss TGPC, the personalities of the contestants will be tested in multiple ways.  Here is perhaps the first test – the video interview round.  The contestants were given few questions.  They had to record their answers and send to us for evaluation.  Here are the videos!

Contestant Videos

Aarohi Shrivastava

Adwitiya Verma

Ahina Datta

Ashwarya Bali

Ekta Ingle

Honey Dhawan

Mahima Kodwani

Monisha Retna

Pallavi Singh

Poonam Basu

Priya Shah

Roma Jee

Shriya Torne

Snowlika Priyadarshi

Vrushali Gaurkar

Meet the Judges

The criteria on which girls shall be judged is as follow:
 1) Overall presentation
2) Clarity of thoughts
3) Confidence
4) Attitude
We are basically looking for a beautiful girl who can command attention of people and charm her way out there.  The results of Miss Personality will be declared in Episode 4 on Friday.

Upcoming Episodes

  • Episode 3, Beyond Beauty (1/03/2017, 8 PM) – The concept of this round covers anything special or unique that the contestants do or have.  It could be acting, working for some NGO, having some skills or art, or may be riding a bike or say any uniqueness that the contestants would like to show to the world.
  • Episode 4, 1st Set of Sub-contest Winners (3/03/2017, 8 PM) – Meet the winners of Miss Personality, Beyond Beauty & Miss Photogenic!
  • Episode 5, Ethnic Wear Competition – Videos (5/03/2017, 8 PM) – The contestants present themselves in Ethnic wear and battle it out for a spot in Top 12.

See you on Wednesday in Episode 3!











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