Meet Mudit Malhotra- A placement drought breaker for India at Mister International contest for the first time in 8 years!

Mudit Malhotra

Finally, India managed to break the dry spell of non-placement at the world’s biggest and most prestigious international competition of men, the Mister International pageant. All thanks to the very charming Mudit Malhotra and the Rubaru Mister India Organization.

Mister International contest is the most renowned and widely celebrated international male pageant. It is owned by Alan Sim of Singapore. India has been participating in the Mister International contest since its inception in the year 2006. But in a span of 11 years, India only placed at the pageant twice, in 2006 and 2007. Recently, the 11th edition of this prominent pageant concluded in Thailand. This year was somewhat special for India also, as this year India’s biggest and most credible annual male pageant, the Rubaru Mister India pageant got associated with the Mister International Orgnization.

Mudit Malhotra
Mudit Malhotra with Mister International 2015, Pedro Mendes from Switzerland

25 year old, New Delhi based model and entrepreneur, Mudit Malhotra was adjudged the winner of Rubaru Mister India 2016 contest held on 24 April 2016 at the Anya Hotel. Mudit flew to Thailand to participate at the international pageant held on February 13 and placed amongst the top 9 semi-finalists. It was also the first time that India reached up to the top 9 at the Mister International pageant.

Talking about this accomplishment, the owner of the Rubaru Group, the parent company of Rubaru Mister India, Mr Sandeep Kumar quoted, “It is such a great thing that we made it up to the top 9 and that even after a dry run of 8 years, I’m so proud of Mudit and the entire Rubaru team who have made it possible.

We are really looking forward to have even bigger accomplishments in future. Keep loving and supporting us. We are all grateful to everyone who supported Mudit in his journey. Thank you so much for being with us.”

Indeed, this year turned out to be a special one for India and we are hoping to see more such amazingly talented and charming men represent the world’s largest democracy at international arena and bring us more pride and more joy.

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