Mister International 2016 Official Hotpicks

Mister International 2016 Official Hotpicks
Center: Lebanon | Top Row from left: Spain, Italy | Bottom Row from left: Brazil, India

Tonight the finals of Mister International 2016 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand.  This will be the 11th edition.  Pedro Mendes of Switzerland will be crowning his successor tonight.  Arguably Mister International is the most prestigious male pageant in the world.

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Here are the five men we consider to be the ultimate front-runners.  We expect the winner from these only.

1) LebanonPaul Iskandar :  This 24-years-old from Lebanon’s capital, Beirut is the front-runner for the title in our opinion.  He is starklingly tall, dashing and also won Mister Personality.  This will be the third win of Lebanon in Mister International.  The last one was achieved by Ali Hammoud and the pageant was held in Bangkok, Thailand itself!  Lebanon was also the first winner of Mister International.

2) IndiaMudit Malhotra : This 25-years-old from Delhi is arguably the best-looking delegate sent by India in male pageants.  India has done exceptionally well in male pageants recently.  Mohit Singh won Mister United Continents and Rohit Khandelwal won Mister World last year.  Both brought the first titles for the country.  Perhaps Mudit can continue the streak.

3) Spain – Daniel Torres : This 27-years-old from Malaga will also be the first Spaniard to win this pageant.  He will be the third European to do so.  The first was Ryan Terry who won the title in 2010 and second one was of course Pedro Mendes who won last year.

4) Italy – Vincio Modolo – This 23-years-old from Codogne has won the fancy of many with his chocolatey looks and flawlessly lean body.  Italians are known for their charm.  Will Vincio create history tonight?  It’s possible.

5) Brazil – Ivo Cavalcanti : 27-years-old Ivo is from Joao Pessoa.  Brazil, like Lebanon, does well in male pageants.  Two Brazillian studs – Alan Bianco Martini in 2007 and Cesar Curti in 2011 have already won Mister International titles.

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Let us see if the winner comes from these five or is a surprise!  In our opinion, these five should be ready with their suitcases for Singapore, the official residence of Mister International.

Credits: Mister International

Author: Dipakk Shahi