Andrea Tovar, Miss Colombia, garners criticism for her remarks on sponsors’ gifts at Miss Universe 2016

Andrea Tovar

In a recent video circulating over the internet, it is seen that contestants of Miss Universe 2016 were give few goodies by SM mall in the Philippines. One of the girls, with Miss Colombia,  posted a video of opening the gift hampers and Andrea Tovar was seen making fun of the gifts received. Although it was spoken in a joking manner, it didn’t go down well with the host country and people started criticising Miss Colombia for her comments over sponsor’s gifts. This is what she said about the cookies she received,

“What do you think about this ? Look at them, my dears !!, I’m talking like Mexican, What rubbish are these fatteners ? look at this !!”

People were also not happy when she made fun of Mexican accents. Now we totally understand that this might not have been the exact intentions of Andrea, but still it got her into unwanted discussion. She was one of the major crown favourites in Philippines. It would be interesting to see if this would affect her chance of placing in Miss Universe 2016. What do you think about this whole controversy?