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Darina Kulsitova is Miss Universe Kazakhstan 2016

Darina Kulsitova is Miss Universe Kazakhstan 2016

Stunning Darina Kulsitova crowned as the winner of Miss Universe Kazakhstan 2016. She will now represent her country in Miss Universe 2016. She is 19 years old and represented the province of Semey in the pageant. Darina Kulsitova is actually left with no time to prepare specially for her pageant as she had to depart in very short time after her crowning. Currently she is pursuing her education in Semipalatinsk Financial and Economic.

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Although Darina Kulsitova was crowned in very last moment, she will be wearing the national costume designed by famous Kazakh designer Aida Kaumenova, and her evening gown is designed by another famous designer Naiyl Baykuchukov. Her evening gown is already gathering a lot of positive feedback.

Chances of Darina Kulsitova at Miss Universe 2016

Darina Kulsitova is Miss Universe Kazakhstan 2016

Kazakhstan has never won Miss Universe and has not placed in semi finals. Hence the sash factor can be considered extremely week. Beside, Darina got almost nil time to prepare for the contest. However, the only saving grace is her porcelain like beauty which might please judges and her charming personality. But on overall aspects, we are not very sure if she can crack the Top 15, considering the very strong competition this year.

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