Thailand might win Miss Universe 2016 Best in National Costume Award

Thailand might win Miss Universe 2016 Best in National Award

There is no doubt that when it comes to designing National Costume, Thailand puts whole heart and soul into it. This year Chalita Suansane will be representing Thailand in Miss Universe 2016. You would be glad to know that a special team of designers is working onto her National costume. They have named the costume as ‘Jewel of Thailand’. The theme behind the title is the designers wish to showcase the richness of Thailand’s costume through the medium of jewellery. Let’s have a look at the costume teaser:

It is to be noted that last year also Thailand won National Costume at Miss Universe 2015 by the courtesy of Aniporn Chalermburanawong who wore a National Costume representing Tuk Tuk. So Chalita has a lot of responsibilities to continue the streak this year. To us, this is by far the best national costume we have seen this year and we feel Thailand should win Best in National costume award with such a great design and deep efforts from the designers. What’s your say?

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