[PROOF] Venezuela isn’t interested in winning Miss World

Everybody was shocked at an exclusion of Diana Croce, Miss World Venezuela 2016, from the Top 20 list of Miss World 2016 finals. Many believe that Diana was one of the best looking Miss Venezuela in last 5 years and definitely deserved a placement in Top 20. But she didn’t place in any of the fast tracks or Top 20 in finale, even though the 15 girls were placed by judges pick irrespective of their performance in fast track. We tried to get into a bit of details on non-placement of Venezuela in Miss World since last 5 years, as it looked more than just not sending a competitive delegate.

Miss World Venezuela

We were shocked to see that Miss World Venezuela page has made almost zero updates on their official page for Miss World Multimedia challenge. The only update that was done was changing display profile picture which was updated on 26th November and no further update after that. Miss World Venezuela 2015 didn’t even make a single update. Miss World Venezuela 2014 and 2013 made few updates, with Miss World Venezuela 2012 making most updates, still not sufficient to impress an organisation. Now we don’t say that this is the reason why Miss Venezuela don’t place. But not making a single updates on page shows that Miss Venezuela and her organisation is not at all interested in making efforts to spread an awareness about Miss World in her country because if she was, she would be updating her page with daily activities and pictures, which even Miss World China PR does where Facebook facility is blocked.

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Venezuela being a premium country in pageantry, it is expected that they should be doing the maximum amount of updates to look competitive. But zero updates definitely makes us wonder whether they want to even win the crown or not? Why would Miss World organisation give a placement to the country which doesn’t even care to promote their brand value? This got us into thinking for a while. What is your opinion?

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