Miss World 2016 Final Hotpicks

Tonight an international star will be born! The greatest pageant on the earth will finally conclude tonight for this year as Mireia Lalaguna of Spain will crown her successor in Washington D.C. And what a ride it has been! The contestants have been in the USA for the pageant from many weeks now and have been enjoying the stay. Apart from the mandatory rehearsals, they got chance to visit many fabulous places and be a part of many wonderful activities like the Talent round, Sports contest, Top Model contest, etc. This is why Miss World is indeed the grandest pageant. It is an experience every girl would love to have.

After studying the contestants since weeks and noting their performances, there are the final choices of the experts from ‘The Great Pageant Community’.


1st – PHILIPPINES: Yes, we expect Philippines to win the Miss World title this year and strength it’s position as the leading pageant country of the world. And this time the victory seems to be more convincing than it has ever been! Catriona Gray is FABULOUS. Never in the past decades have we seen a pinoy beauty-queen so positively received by the global community as the front-runner. Catriona has also won Multimedia and is in running for the Beauty With a Purpose award.

2nd – DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: It’s been a really long time since a black beauty won the Miss World title. Yaritza is perhaps the perfect choice for this year. While being a former Miss Universe contestant might work against her, Yaritza has many strengths that make up for that.

3rd – HUNGARY: When the pageant started, Timea reminded everyone of Edina with her amazing talent performance. She is tall, slim and beautiful. We see her as the torch-bearer of Europe in the pageant.

4th – USA: Audra Mari is everything you look for in an international pageant winner. She is beautiful, smart and, having competed in so many pageants before, carries a lot of rich experience. At times she looks out of shape, but those who meet in person say she is attractive and fit. Of course, she is the host delegate and the media attention about her high placement in the pageant would be nice for her as well as the pageant.

5th – INDIA: Priyadarshini Chatterjee is elegance personified. You fall in love with her the moment she starts talking. There is so much sweetness, warmth, ease, harmony, serenity and love in her presence. She is natural and wins your heart with her effortless magnificence. She is in the race for Beauty With a Purpose title.

6th – KENYA: Evelyn is highly competitive and surprised everyone with her high placement in Top Model round. She is the best delegate from Africa and is considered to be the front-runner for Beauty With a Purpose award.

7th – PUERTO RICO: Stephanie is one of the most beautiful delegates out there, but she has not attracted a lot of attention by far. Who knows, she can be one of those girls who don’t glitter in pre-final activities and then suddenly shine when it counts? Rumors say that National Director of Puerto Rico is one of the judges and that will certainly help Stephanie’s chances.

8th – INDONESIA: Overnight Natasha has emerged out to be one of the most talked-about delegates of the pageant. She finished 2nd in Top Model and is in the running for Beauty With a Purpose award.  Indonesia’s ND was a judge in Top Model finals and the country will host Miss World next year.  Will these factors help Natasha’s chances?

9th – VENEZUELA: Diana is one of the prettiest ladies out there and wooes everyone with her charm. She has been a successful model and hopefully can end the failure streak of Venezuela at Miss World with a placement. Interestingly, we noted that Venezuela has been totally ignoring the Multimedia round since 2 years by paying no attention to their official Facebook. Can this be taken as arrogance by Miss World Organization?

10th – MONGOLIA: Bella has been putting her heart and soul in the competition. She won the Talent award and hence has a confirmed spot in the semi-finals. Her strong performance in Miss Earth proves how much command she has on the stage. She has huge support from her people too! We won’t be surprised if she wins People’s Choice Award as well.

11th – MEXICO: Ana is the chirpy, friendly, extrovert beauty whom no one can miss! Some say her voice is too harsh and personality too loud. Some feel her personality is not right for Miss World, but she can do better at other pageants like Miss Universe or Miss Grand International. Some people talk about her nudes (we are not sure it was her!). In any case, we like her.

12th – CHINA: Jing Kong totally surprised everyone with her Top Model win. In live chat, she came across as shy and demure. But then she won the modelling round! Those who see in person say that she is really tall and striking. She can surprise everyone in finals!

13th – COOK ISLANDS: Natalia Short created history by achieving first placement for her country in Miss World by winning sports. We appreciate her success, but we don’t think Short will have a long stay on the Miss World stage. (Funny? Nah? Sorry! 😛 )

14th – RUSSIA: Yana is the face of the pageant and has eyes to die for. But she is reserved and hasn’t really emerged out as the front-runner inspite of her beauty.

15th – CHILE: Antonia hasn’t won much attention by far, but she is beautiful and we hope the judges saw through her in the interviews!

16th – UKRAINE: Oleksandra is the GORGEOUS but she doesn’t have a good wardrobe! Her finale gown is bad, just to be polite. This is same situation as Miss World 2013. How we wish the Miss World Ukraine winners get gowns at par with Miss Universe Ukraine winners!

17th – SOUTH AFRICA: Miss South Africa organization is known for their professional excellence. The way they do their pageants – it is just amazing! They pick up the smartest girls as their winners and Ntandoyenkosi Kunene is exactly what you expect from them – a really lovely lady who will do well in life no matter what happens in Miss World finals.

18th – FRANCE: Morgane is edgy and striking. She did well in Top Model round and always wins attention no matter how big the crowd she is a part of.

19th – GEORGIA: Viktoria lives up to her. In terms of beauty, this lady is herculean and looks like a heroine in some Shakespearan play. One of our experts compared her with Miss Supranational 2015 Stephania Stegman – both breath-takingly attractive!

20th – NEPAL: Some countries always shine in Beauty With a Purpose segment and Nepal is one of them. Asmi has great potential. If she was groomed better, she would have been one of the popular girls among the fans.

There are some pageants when you can’t predict whom will win. And then there are some when you know that one girl is probably going to shine. This year Miss World falls in the latter category. We feel the Philippines should start preparing for celebrations. 🙂