Miss World 2016: An Insider’s Review of Contestants

Last night, 2 of our ‘The Great Pageant Community(FB Group)’ members, Jon Arenas and Sardar Singh, were present in the same hotel as the contestants were staying and fortunately got a chance to interact with contestants on a lighter note. The MWO staff were very nice to them and didn’t stop them from interacting and taking pictures with contestants. During their interaction, all they realised was that the contestants were much more impressive in person than what we see them in pictures and video. These are few of their observations that they made out during this period of interaction with delegates. The pointers from them are as below.

Miss World 2016

    • It is really very different to see the girls live than in pictures. While the pictures are accurate for the most part, the inconsistencies in the way they are shot create artificial differences. In reality, the girls are all stunning, and there is very little to separate them, physically only Israel and Slovakia have a distinct wow factor about them.
    • What is interesting is their personalities that change your impressions a lot. We saw Alexandria Mills watching the girls, particularly Mexico, the staff were comparing notes. It will be interesting to see what happens.
    • USA is gorgeous. She is slim, even though her photos make her look fat. She is also a really friendly and sweet girl. Very down to earth. I think she is going to do much better than people expect.
    • Ukraine is a diva, snooty, plan for her to not go very far. In person, she is very skinny, her styling is a mess.
    • Hungary is also aloof, keeps entirely to herself. Will also not go far.
    • Russia is also very aloof, not very friendly at all. In person she is tiny. Stunning eyes though.
    • Philippines is very sweet, looks much better in person. She has nice presence and a regal presence.
    • China is a huge deception. Her pictures do not so her justice. In person, she is striking, a standout, her presence is impressive. It’s very easy to see why she won TM
    • Indonesia is much taller in person, very pretty.
    • The African girls are so friendly, lovely. Uganda is a doll. Smart, engaging, friendly!
    • Ghana is lovely and so friendly, Nigeria is bubbly and super friendly. Rwanda, Guinea Bissau all very nice.


  • Singapore is very pretty and charming.
  • Mexico is just charming and bubbly and for day and lovely in person. What you see is what you get from her. She didn’t know me at all and was still so friendly and chatty.
  • Kazakhstan is just as stunning in real life as her pictures. You can’t miss her, but she is quite tiny.
  • Canada is not very impressive.
  • Puerto Rico is very beautiful but somehow doesn’t stand out as much as she should given her beauty.
  • Dominican Republic has great skin, much shorter than I thought.
  • Slovakia is a doll, very very sweet and looks like she can be a VS. model. I doubt she will win but she would be a stunning winner.
  • Lebanon is very pretty in person and very sweet as well.
  • Israel looks like a movie star and she is friendly and charismatic. I would give her the crown but I don’t know if Miss World organisation will.
  • Korea is beautiful, elegant, catches your eye.
  • Brazil sadly is a big disappointment. She looks just like her pictures but doesn’t enhance it with a strong presence or personality, so she is ultimately forgettable.
  • One girl I really loved and looks so pretty in real life is Turkey. She is like a younger, fresher Brasil and she had a sweet, friendly personality. Somehow she hasn’t stood out at all, I don’t know why.
  • Sadly I didn’t see Venezuela.
  • Ireland is stunning, sweet, tall.
  • Denmark not as pretty as her pictures suggest but catches your attention.
  • Australia stands out with her height, very pretty in an Aussie movie star kind of way.
  • India is very beautiful, she is 5’8″ but looks tiny. She’s so friendly and sweet and charming.
  • South Sudan is a doll. So beautiful and friendly!
  • It’s anyone’s game, to be honest. I think if you look at how the girls came across in person, only two girls really struck me as a classic Miss World type-elegant, restrained, beautiful: India and Philippines. As I write this, I can’t see anyone else really winning it, but then again, I would not be surprised by anyone winning it either.

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Special Thanks: Miss World Staff for their co-operation with our members.