Catriona Gray, Miss Philippines, wins Multimedia Challenge at Miss World 2016

Catriona Gray is Miss World Philippines 2016

Stunning Catriona Gray of Philippines  was declared as the winner of Multimedia challenger at Miss World 2016 today. The finale of the contest shall be held tomorrow where Catriona has already got a guaranteed placement in Top 20 by winning this subtitle. It is to be noted that Miss Philippines is one of the most speculated delegate to win the contest this year.

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While Catriona Gray is already one of the Top 20 contestants now. She still has chance to win one more fast track because she is one of the Top 5 finalists in Beauty with a Purpose. If she wins this fast track as well, she will be come second girl to win two fast track after Vanya Mishra, who also won these two fast tracks back in Miss World 2012.

Credits: Miss World Facebook Page