Miss World 2016 Beauty with a Purpose Viewing Event!

Miss World 2016 Beauty with a Purpose finalists declared

Beauty with a Purpose is a core of Miss World organisation. As per leaderboard, this fast track used to get the highest amount of points (usually 1.5 times the other fast tracks). A special viewing event was arranged for the contestants to go through some selected videos and discuss on the same along with Pizza.  Please note that these are not the Top 24 Finalists of BWAP.

The selected ‘Beauty With a Purpose’ videos were (in alphabetical order)

Australia – Helping Indigenous Children

Belgium – Assisting Children in Cambodia

Chile – Teaching Blind Children Music

China – Assisting a variety of care centers (Children with brain damage, building houses for children, helping the elderly)

Colombia – Sponsoring Victims of Violence & Displacement

Cote D’Ivoire – Helping victims of Buruli Ulcer Skin Disease

Dominican Republic – Talent Program for Youth

Fiji – Project Qelekuro- Assiting Victims of Cyclone Winston


Guadeloupe – Helping the elderly

Hungary – Equestrian Therapy

Indonesia – Dreams Beyond the Dumpsite- Helping the scavengers of dumpsites

Ireland – Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland

Mongolia– Brothers-Sisters Mentorship Program

Nepal – Classroom & Beyond- Providing classrooms for children

Nigeria – Helping Education Centers

Panama – A Chance to Change- Helping women in correctional facilities

Philippines – Paradiso Project- Creating a School for children in garbage sites

Rwanda– Targeting a variety of problems in Rwanda (Visiting Veteran Centers, Malnutrition Awareness, Drug Abuse, Domestic Tourism, Child Education)

Sierra Leone – Helping orphans of the Ebola Virus

Sri Lanka – Helping a School for children of Mental and Physical Disabilities & Red Cross Ambassador

Tanzania – Female Genital Mutilation and Gender Discrimination

Thailand – Working against Deforestation

United States – Habitat for Humanity

Venezuela – Improvement and Reconstruction of a school

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Credits: Miss World Website