Is Miss World Leader board gone this year?

Leader Board of 2012 in a progressive manner
Leader Board of Miss World 2012 in a progressive manner after each fast track

In a recent announcement by Miss World Page, they revealed that the winners of Talent round and Multimedia round shall be selected on the basis of Mobstar voting by public and the winner shall be getting a direct spot in finals. Here is what the organisation posted on their social media:

“Happy to announce we will be working in partnership with MobStar to conduct our public vote and find the winner of the Talent competition. The winner of talent will gain an automatic place in the Top 20.

MobStar will also link into our Multimedia award for the best online presence. The winner of Multimedia is also guaranteed a place in the Top 20.

The People’s Choice award is being assessed through the official Miss World App. The winner of this will progress to the Top 10.

We are working hard to get ticket information available and are hoping to have this before the weekend. Sincere apologies for this delay.”

Source: Miss World FB Page

Apart from this, we have Beach Beauty, Sports, Top Model, Beauty with a purpose fast tracks and Miss World Interview round which were cumulatively determining the finalists. However, looking at the way Miss World is unfolding the new formats, we are afraid that they might go back to old format of awarding a direct placement to all the fast track winners and decide rest of the placement on the basis of interview and overall impression.

Leader board concept came into the picture from 2011 edition and it made the finale more interesting and nerve wrecking. We would really be sad to see it go, if it is, because Miss World also removed Dances of the World segment this year, which again was the most entertaining segment of this section. What is your opinion on this? Do share your thoughts with us.

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