Vote: Most Admired Member of TGPC 2016

The Great Pageant Community TGPC

‘The Great Pageant Community (TGPC)’ shall be completing 3 years on 8th December 2016 and we decided to recognise our members in ‘The Great Pageant Community Facebook Group’ as their contribution to our community had been priceless. Their opinions, their debates, their passion is what makes our brand live and its because of them only TGPC is what it is today. We listed out 7 Categories where 10 members were nominated in each category based on members’ internal vote+Admins’ discretion. We had many good members to nominate but our system restricted to select only handful of them to go and compete.

Please note that these nominations are only subjective to opinions and if someone doesn’t make it to a particular category, it doesn’t mean they were any less. May be the other were a bit more visible in those categories. The one member who earns highest points in all categories together will be awarded as the ‘Most Admired Member of TGPC 2016’. This award was won by Shinata Sangha back in 2014 and she shall be passing on her title this year to the new member. The 7 listed categories are as below:

  1. Most Active Member: The one member who remains active through posts sharing, replies, likes and debates.
  2. Most Creative Member: The one member whose thinking and presentation is beyond a regular member.
  3. Most Intelligent Member: The one member who is smart, intellectual and matured in interactions.
  4. Most Congenial Member: The one member who is extremely friendly with people.
  5. Most Attractive Member: The one member who is good looking.
  6. Most Helpful Member: The one member who is always ready to help people.
  7. Most Popular Member: The one member who is always noticed by people through their interactions or actions.

A combinations of all these categories will help in electing the ultimate winner of ‘Most Admired Member of TGPC 2016’. You can now vote for your favourite member in each category once in an hour. The voting lines shall stop on 5 PM, 8th December 2016.

Voting Lines Closed. Sit tight while judges pick up their choices for the title.

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