Angelia Ong v/s Katherine Espin [Opinion Poll]

Angelia Ong to Katherine Espin: Is it progress, retrogress or status quo?

Angelia Ong & Katherine Espin Miss Earth winners
Source: Miss Earth on Facebook

Recently Miss Ecuador Katherine Espin was crowned as Miss Earth 2016. She succeeded Angelia Ong of Philippines as Miss Earth title-holder. Like every year, Miss Eath results were controversial this year too. Some people (including a national director) claimed that Katherine’s win was rigged. Nevertheless there is no solid proof which can prove the allegations. Our interest and passion in pageantry compels us to compare the two Miss Earth winners – 2015 and 2016. Is it progress, status quo or retrogress?

Evening Gown competition: Interestingly, both the beauties wore gowns by Filipino designer Leo Almodal. Design-wise, we prefer the 2016 gown. But both ladies carried their dresses well and looked gorgeous. While Angelia’s strength lies in her warm vibe, Katherine wooed everyone with her sex appeal. If we have to pick one, perhaps Katherine had a slight edge in terms of overall presentation.

Swimsuit Competition: The winner here is clearly Katherine Espin. Her body is better toned. Angelia is slim and trim, but in case of Katherine – she has the curves in the right amounts. Who is completely natural and who is not – we are not considering that right now.

Speaking Skills: Angelia Ong nailed the final round in her year. Her answer was pretty flawless. It might even be in contention for the best answer in 2015 pageantry. She was excellent! In the Top 8 round, Katherine was asked to speak about climate change. She just ranted about how it affects people and did not talk about solutions. In the last round, the host mentioned about Paris Treaty and asked her what she would do as Miss Earth in the matter of climate change. Again the question was more or less same. She spoke about 4 R’s. Now her answer wasn’t bad. It was nice. It was decent. But it didn’t have the impact that Angelia’s answer had! Angelia wins this one convincingly.

Overall: While Katherine may be physically more beautiful and presented herself slightly better in the presentation rounds, Angelia Ong has the personality that is expected from a young world-leader. Both the winners are more or less equally strong!

Conclusion – Status Quo!!

What is your opinion? Is Katherine Espin an upgrade to Angelia Ong? Or is she a downgrade?  Please let us know in comments and through the poll.  The poll shall end on 12th November 2016.

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