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Katarina Kekovic is appointed as Miss World Montenegro 2016

Katarina Kekovic is appointed as Miss World Montenegro 2016

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Katarina Kekovic from Podgorica has been chosen as Miss World Montenegro 2016, although originally she was slated to go to Miss Universe 2016.  She will represent Montenegro at Miss World 2016 in the USA in December 2016.  She succeeds Natasa Milosavljevic as Miss World Montenegro.  She is 22 years old.  She was 1st Runner-up to Natasa in Miss Montenegro 2015.

Montenegro has been sending contestants to Miss World pageant since 2006.  However, the country has not achieved a placement yet.  Katarina Kekovic, if she places in Miss World, will be the first Miss Montenegro to do so.

Usually the pageant sends it’s winner to Miss World and runner-up to Miss Universe.  Hence Miss Montenegro 2015 1st Runner-up Katarina Kekovic should to go Miss Universe 2016.  But the pageant is yet to happen.  The Miss Universe Organization has come up with a new rule as per which a country can not have two representatives at one time.  If that happens, only the latest representative can participate in Miss Universe.  Venezuela was given exception to the rule since their national pageant for 2017 happened before the rule was announced.  But since Miss Montenegro 2017 happening recently, the rule has to be considered.  Hence they are sending Katarina to Miss World 2016, Miss Montenegro 2016 to Miss World 2017 and Miss Montenegro 2016 1st Runner-up to Miss Universe 2016.

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