Imelda Schweighart relinquishes her crown as Miss Philippines Earth

Imelda Schweighart relinquishes her crown as Miss Philippines Earth
Source: Imelda Schweighart on Facebook

As per reports by ABS CBN, Imelda Schweighart has resigned as Miss Philippines Earth 2016.  She, along with her mother Annabeth Bautista, met Lorraine Schuck, executive vice president of Carousel Productions and decided to give up the title.  It is said that the mother was upset by the bashings her daughter received from online fans.  The bashings came to her due to some irresponsible statements made by her.  She also failed to make it to the Top 16 of Miss Earth 2016, which is shocking because Philippines generally doesn’t miss the first cut in the finals.  This has happened only 3 times, including 2016.

The resignation has been accepted by Carousel Productions and they wish Imelda well for her future endeavours.  Kiara Giel Gregorio, who finished second to Imelda Schweighart in Miss Philippines Earth 2016, may fulfil the duties of Miss Philippines Earth until Miss Philippines Earth 2017.

Controversies surrounding Imelda Schweighart

  • Imelda compared Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in an awkward conversation with Miss Earth Austria 2016.  The video became viral and Imelda received a lot of flak for the behaviour.
  • Imelda accused (indirectly) Karla Paula Henry of being judgemental when the former talked about her dream of becoming a pop-star.  Later Karla responded to Imelda on Facebook in an assertive manner.
  • After Miss Earth 2016 finals, a video showing Imelda bashing the new winner Katherine Espin went viral.