Miss Grand International 2016 Hotpicks

TGPC’s Miss Grand International 2016 Hotpicks !!!

Curtains will come down on the fourth edition of Miss Grand International pageant tonight in Westgate International Theater in Las Vegas, where more than 60 countries are competing to succeed Australia’s Claire Parker  as the new Miss Grand International.  This is MGI’s first edition outside Thailand and it won’t be aired live in Thailand, home to Miss Grand International as per government order after the death of the King of Thailand.  Miss Grand International 2016 batch is filled with stunners and performers; it is hard to pick one favorite.  We feel there are so many deserving girls that anyone of them can make a memorable winner, but we narrowed down our Top 20 after a long heated discussion.

Miss Grand International 2016 Hotpicks !!

TOP 20

20: Australia,Dani Fitch: Australia has never missed the cut at MGI & has bagged the top 5 placement each year this year we feel they will make the cut but top 20 is far distant dream.

19: Brazil,Renata Sena: This beauty from Brazil is currently flying under the radar but will surely turn heads tonight when her name is called into to the top 20.

18: Ukraine,Veronika Mykhailyshyn: Such a stunning woman! will surely create a upset.

17: Mexico,Paulina Flores: This stunning Chica delivered during the prelims will she be able to maintain the momentum?

16: Bahamas,Selvinique Wright: Her wardrobe from her National Costume to Evening Gown has been gorgeous. We guess her motto is  GO Big or Go Home!! she will definitely but Bahamas on the map of pageantry.

TOP 15


15: Vietnam,Nguyen Thi Loan: Vietnam might host the next edition of the pageant and considering that fact and the performance delivered by the Vietnamese delegate she is shoo- in for a top 20 slot.

14: Wales, Rachael Tate: Isn’t she just gorgeous?  Wales is one of the front runners from a comparatively average contingent from Europe.

13: Malaysia, Kiran Jassal: This Doctor will surely give some heart aches to her fellow competitors and pageant watchers. Hoping to see this Indian beauty landing a lead role in a Bollywood Movie some day.

12:South Sudan, Teresa Yuol : She is the soul of the pageant if there is Miss Congeniality award it should go to her. Just love her infectious smile.

11: Puerto Rico,Madison Anderson : She has one of the best bodies in the competition. Puerto Rico was the first country to win MGI and they might be the first to win it twice.



10: Philippines, Nicole Corvodes :  Nicole wore a beautiful gown and delivered a strong performance.  She can no be ignored, despite of a turbulent journey.

9: Peru, Priscila Howard : One of the heavy favourites!  She has done everything correctly.  Weak sash might hamper her chances.  Otherwise she is on a roll!

8: Cuba, Merys Navarro : Best black in the contest.  She reminds us of Leila Lopes.

7: Dominican Republic, Lucero Arias : Gave one of the best performances last night.  Can her chances get low because of Anea Garcia’s dethronement?

6: India, Pankhuri Gidwani : She is in it to win it.  Her performance got mixed reviews but we loved her.


5: USA, Michelle Leon : Home girl is killing it and making her way to the top of the charts.

4: Indonesia, Ariska Putri Pertiwi : What a stunning gown and what an amazing performance!  She can be Indonesia’s first international beauty pageant winner.

3: Colombia, Juliana Herrera : Best in evening gown, this girl came from no where to become a front runner.  This shows how competitive the contest is.

2: Venezuela, Debora Medina : The most consistent performer!  Her performance in the prelims was on point.

1: Thailand, Supaporn Malisorn : She was the best in the preliminaries.  If she answers well, she is going home with the crown.  She will make an amazing winner.

May the best girl win !!!