Meet Pooja Sharma, Miss TGPC Elite 2016, in an exclusive Interview.

Meet Pooja Sharma, Miss TGPC Elite 2016, in an exclusive Interview.

Pooja Sharma, a 25 year old stunner from Indore, participated in Miss TGPC 2016 with the expectations to showcase her talent to the wider audience through the medium of The Great Pageant Community channels. Very less did she know that she would become the darling of the through her performance. Pooja received huge applause from the members across the TGPC group as well as judges and she was elected as Top choice thrice by ‘Elite Panel’. She was elected as ‘Miss TGPC Elite 2016‘. In a candid interview with Pooja Sharma, let’s try to get to know her in a bit of detail today.

Q-1) Hi Pooja, hope you are doing well. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Pooja: Hello Readers! Well! I am an industrial and production engineer based in Indore. Working with a tractor manufacturing US MNC. A model by passion. I am a very spontaneous individual who is driven by the instincts in her life. Who always speaks her mind. I am today independent women who loves being one.

Q-2) How did you come to know about Miss TGPC 2016? And why did you opt for it?

Pooja: It was like 1-2nd August when I saw Miss TGPC 2016 post shared by someone on TGPC group. I clicked on the link and read about the whole idea. I felt the instant connect with this thing. And I believe on my instincts when I choose anything, that’s how it happened. I have never ending zeal and passion for pageants. I feel like I am a student and take pageants as a subject of my study. When I saw that it will be an online thing and all the scores and leader board will be published. I found it a very genuine thing as the judges and audience connected to this were very much passionate and pure on pageants. I thought their feedback would help me in long run so wanted to give it a try. The decision was very instinctive with my heart.
Meet Pooja Sharma, Miss TGPC Elite 2016, in an exclusive Interview.Q-3) You also won Miss Photogenic title, did it come as a surprise to you?

Pooja: Yes! Because I never underestimate anyone. Everyone was good enough. May be my love for camera is more visible in my pictures.

Q-4) You topped the Elite Panel ranking thrice, how did it feel?

Pooja: I feel grateful to everyone who have supported and gave good feedback on my performance. I am a people’s person I know this from the bottom of my heart now. This thing affect me a lot in a positive way because this is one thing I know I surely want in my life ‘to remain in people’s mind and thoughts as a positive influencer’. I am thankful to the critics as well who helped me to grow in a better way their feedback would help me in long run.

Q-5) What was one positive thing about Miss TGPC and what is one suggestion you want to give for improvement?

Pooja: One good thing about Miss TGPC is “the transparency” of judgement. Everything was public. One improvement or add on I would suggest is to have a panel interview with the final judges and like few great mentors in pageantry. Because I think that would be a higher version of live chat and with addition to chat this would help to give them more clarity while marking and with drilled down approach.

Q-6) You were a major crowd favorite, did it feel bad when you got to know that you almost won the crown of Miss TGPC?

Pooja: I am still a major crowd favorite and I love people who have supported me like their own family member. I am going to remember these names in my whole life. I didn’t feel bad cause I know from the very early age that any competition which have a qualitative analysis depends a lot on perspective and 1 perspective can change everything on winning line between two people. Pageants are not sports where you are participating in 100 mt race and you know who finish in shortest span will win. There anyone who is watching would be seeing the single winner. In pageants it comes a lot on who is watching you when. And I respect people’s opinion, they are free to have their choice. In a broader perspective I always say ‘one failure does not define you! So is one success’. So just do your part and keep growing as a better version of you.

Q-7) How badly do you want to win the sash of INDIA on your body?

Pooja: When you are sinking into the water how badly you need the air to breath?? That bad !

Meet Pooja Sharma, Miss TGPC Elite 2016, in an exclusive Interview.

Q-8) Do you think Bollywood is there in your ‘To-do’ list?

Pooja:  I am an artist from heart. Anything which connects me with art I go with it whether its movies, poetry, acting, dance or anything. I have spent half of my life on stage. Though I do not like this term ‘’Bollywood’’ we are world’s leading cinema business and I respect Indian cinema like I respect myself. From Gurudatt to Harshvardhan Kapoor, from Satyajeet Ray to Aditya Chopra, from Madhubala to Priyanka Chopra I have immense respect for our cinema because it’s the medium which has a huge power to influence human mind. And I would love to be the part of this medium, acting/writing/direction? not sure but yes I would die as an artist of Indian cinema

Q-9) Any message for you fans in this community?

Pooja: You all are a part of my life now a days. Keep showing your love and support. I am open for all kinds of feedback.  I am grateful to get so much love from all you guys and girls. I am trying to respond each and every message and comment which are for me. Hope I’ll make you all proud one day.

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