Miss TGPC 2016: Episode 10, Style Icon Competition [Review]

Style Icon started with a bang this week where our Top 11 contestants sizzled down the ramp in the attires of their choices. They were free to be creative and chose their own get ups. A general feedback from public was that most of the girls improved from performance point of view when compared to Ethnic round, and we certainly agree to it.

This week, judges will pick their 6 favourite girls from these 11, for the final leg of the competition and joining them would be a wild card entry. These 7 girls then shall compete one last time for the ultimate title of ‘Miss TGPC 2016’.

So let’s first see who impressed our experts the most in the contest this week.  Remember, the review is done basis the poise, grace, attitude, walk and overall impact of the performance from the girls.

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Pooja Sharma: Pooja’s ramp-skills are extremely fine-tuned. She works it out like a pro and she knows that she is one of the strongest competitors for the crown. The way she played with the jacket was done with smoothness which is not an easy task, only a good amount of experience can get that. She could have ignored that scarf though.

Bhairavi Burad: Bhairavi works it out like no one else in this round. The styling was bang on. The performance was A Class. She screams ‘Miss Universe’ in every inch with that attitude in the catwalk. She is one girl who took everyone by surprise compared to ethnic round. I also like how she used her hair style to look taller.

Harneet Kaur: Harneet has improved a lot compared to her performance in Ethnic round. She looks more organised in terms of performance, look and neater in terms of styling. However, she still needs to work on her hand movements during the walk and she needs to relax a bit which walking.

Mounica Patnana: Mounica’s styling wasn’t up to the mark in this round, considering the fact it was about creative styling in this round. Her postures were loose and unfinished, which is a strict no for a model. She has a long way to go. I would recommend to take her professional training in a year or two through some good pageant grooming institute as she does have potential to become a good model.

Ananya Tripathi: I liked the choice of dress by Ananya Tripathi and that hairdo was perfect combination. Her walk was good and energy was noteworthy. The only thing she needs her to work upon is her postures when she comes to head ramp and smile. Ananya does have potential to create an upset in the result in the end.

Weenie Shayo: I loved Weenie’s styling, especially backless gown which she revealed at head ramp. She looked cute. However, her walk was too slow for this round, which is the only concern here; otherwise she is a Top Model material.

Ravina Sethia: Ravina’s walk was better in this round compared to ethnic. However, her styling wasn’t convincing; Especially when she doesn’t have height in her favor, wearing a short dress makes you look stout and such long hair kept open doesn’t go well with short dress.

Chinkey Saini: Chinkey’s walk was again very polished in this round. However, her expressions went monotonous which spoiled the overall feel factor of this round. I wonder what stopped her from delivering in this round the way she delivered in ethnic round.

Vrushali Gaurkar: Vrushali lost a chance to stand out in style icon round due to lack of proper focus at camera. I don’t remember when she looked into the camera during her walk. Moreover, the video was so short lived that you don’t even get to see her properly. Her poised was better compared to ethnic round and with that face she could easily have cracked the Top 5 of the competition, but it didn’t happen.

Priyanka Kumari: Priyanka has improved from Ethnic round, in terms of performance. The choice of dress was wise, complementing her figure. Her walk also looked bit more focused this time. If she improves a little more on head ramp postures, she will have an easy reach to the crown.

Next Up:

  • Episode 11, Style Icon Competition [Results] – The scores/rankings and the comments from the judges and TGPC Elite Panel will be revealed.  Based on these, 6 girls will make it to the final leg of the competition.  Catch the episode here on 23rd September 2016, 8 PM IST.

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