Miss TGPC 2016, Episode 4: ‘Bird in Blue’ Miss Personality [Review]

Miss TGPC 2016 Miss Personality

Miss TGPC 2016 released introduction Videos of all the contestants where we saw girls revealing a bit more of their personal achievements and traits. As a part of feedback of their performance and in interest of guiding them the way towards improvement, I am hereby presenting my thoughts on each girl’s introduction video. This review is only my personal opinion and has no influence on any result, either for this round or for any other round. The jury panel will score all the girls and the overall winner of this round will win the sub title of Bird in Blue Miss Personality’ at Miss TGPC 2016.

Meet the Contestants of: Miss TGPC 2016

Ananya Tripathi: I loved the energy and vibes of Ananya while she was speaking. Her video emitted radiance throughout which helps her standout from the crowd. One thing Ananya might need to work upon is the time delay between sentences, those untimely pauses she is taking while speaking. This made it look less natural and more rehearsed, nevertheless her content was good and well organised.

Anushka Jadhava: Anushka has a long way to go in terms of improving her self-presentation. While she was speaking, I felt that she was just reading the notes from across the camera. It went very monotonous through out the video, especially the head swings. Her content was good and considering the fact that she has her own brand label, she could have projected it with a lot more energy to standout, but it was a bit messed up. She has potential, the only thing she needs is proper training.

Bhairavi Burad: I totally loved the styling of Bhairavi, especially the way she did her hair. Regarding her speech, I loved the flow of the content and her spontaneity in her speech as it looked very natural. One thing Bhairavi needs to concentrate is that while she speaks, her flow is going on the same level, i.e. monotonous. I would recommend her to be little more expressive in terms of postures.

Chinkey Saini: I would call this introduction as a PERFECT 10 scorer. I just loved the way Chinkey delivered her content which was  matured+positive+spontaneous+natural. She has also found the best styling for herself as anything else could have gone wrong. For me, Chinkey sets a benchmark in this round.

Harneet Kaur: Good thing about Harneet was the clarity of thoughts and fluency over the language. However, while she speaks, she projects herself much older than her real age. She needs to loosen up a bit and be a little lively while speaking by bringing variations in her expressions. Like few other girls, Harneet’s speech also went quite monotonous, which she needs to work upon to have a better confidence.

Mounica Patnana: I loved the quality of voice of Mounica, it looked very confident in terms of delivery. She was given the correct amount of variations in her tone and pitch level. She is much more telegenic than photogenic. The only thing Mounica fell short at was her spontaneity. While she was speaking one line she was also focusing on recalling the next line which made her lose the focus from camera.

Pooja Sharma: Pooja looks like a lady of ‘Self-Confidence’ and ‘Strong Personality’. Her content had clarity of thoughts and goals and I particularly loved her command over the language. The 2 minor things that Pooja needs to work upon is maintaining the stability of body while speaking in a standing position, not to move randomly, and a little more smile to look more approachable to the audience. Apart from these, she was perfect.

Priyanka Kumari: Priyanka’s sweet and demure aura is the best thing in the video while she speaks. I was happy how she made video look more positive through the power of her smile. Priyanka has good hold of language and spontaneity in the flow of communication. Her styling could have been a bit better considering the fact that she was in a sitting position, but nevertheless, it was still a very good video.

Ravina Sethia: Ravina has a beauty that helps her standout easily. Her content was great and full of what she has achieved in her life, which is great as she presented it in such a manner that it looked very positive (Which is difficult to do when you are presenting your achievements). I also liked the concept of seating on ground in a graceful manner and then give the introduction, never seen this before.

Srishti Pandey: Srishti had a good content but she needs to polish herself on way of delivering it. Somehow the overall presentation looked very weak to me. But I loved the energy that Srishti projected in the video which showed how excited she is to be the part of the contest. Grammatically as well I could see one or two mistake, which she needs to work upon.

Supriya Chinchansure: Supriya needs to work very hard in delivering the content with confidence while speaking. She looked under-confident here and I could sense a bit of loose grip on language. I would suggest her to use local language in further introduction or similar videos where she feels more comfortable being herself. The good thing about Supriya here is that she is maintaining her smile and calm posture. She has the potential which needs to be polished really well.

Vrushali Gaurkar: Vrushali is 18 but she has that strong confidence while speaking that can give a tough competition to many of the girls here. She is another stunning face of the competition which is like a very raw diamond. I am sure with a proper training, she will be shining in pageants in 2-3 years. I also loved her styling and choice of that Sofa for seat, it looked grand. My only suggestion to Vrushali is to keep training herself through various interview rounds of beauty queens, as she is young and the rawness is bit visible.

Weenie Shayo: Love the rock solid confidence of Weenie here. When I saw her application, I had no idea that she is a girl of such strong personality. She is a girl but her maturity of thoughts makes her look like a woman, in a positive way. There was some spark in the way Weenie delivered her content that kept me indulged through out her introduction. I also loved her posture and her styling which went very well with her skin tone.

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