Miss TGPC 2016, Episode 3: Miss Personality [Videos]

A good personality is always one of the important qualities that are sought in beauty pageants.  In fact, few decades ago, some popular pageants like Femina Miss India and Miss Universe were termed as “Personality Tests” by many.  Majority of the contestants were beautiful and generally the women with best personality stood out in the finals.  Miss TGPC 2016 winner is also expected to be a lady with good personality.  This week let us give ourselves the opportunity to appreciate the Miss TGPC 2016 contestants more by focusing on their communications skills and overall personalities.

Task: We asked the ladies to tell us more about themselves within time-limit of 1 minute [Recommended to use headphones as few audios are of low intensity]

Miss TGPC 2016, Miss Personality Videos

Contestant 1: Ananya Tripathi

Contestant 2: Anushka Jadhav

Contestant 3: Bhairavi Burad

Contestant 4: Chinkey Saini

Contestant 5: Harneet Kaur

Contestant 6: Mounica Patnana

Contestant 7: Pooja Sharma

Contestant 8: Priyanka Kumari

Contestant 9: Ravina Sethia

Contestant 10: Srishti Pandey

Contestant 12: Vrushali Gaurkar

Contestant 13: Weenie Shayo

Aren’t these ladies just fabulous!  Even in a small group of 13 girls, there is so much variation in terms of personalities.  The girls are asked to talk about the easiest topic (themselves!) and yet few are relatively better in their presentations than the rest.  Some of them are ready to shine in interview rounds of international pageants while the others are raw diamonds which require little polishing (Yes we will do that 🙂 ).

The judges of Miss Personality title are very active TGPC members / our friends / owners of popular pageant blogs from India, Pageant Times, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry and Indian & World Beauty Pageant.

Miss TGPC 2016, Episode 3: Miss Personality [Videos]
Judges for Miss Personality: Owners of popular pageant blogs from India

About Aman Singh: Aman is a functional English graduate, currently pursuing masters in public administration. He runs a pageant blog and page called Pageant Times. He loves travelling and watching pageants. He believes these two things can help us a lot in learning more, understanding ourselves and people around us, meeting new people and being able to express ourselves in a better way. Both of them helps to remain positive and hopeful in any circumstances.

About Vagisha Mishra: Vagisha Mishra is a literature lover and a passionate pageant aficionado. She has done her masters and honours degree in English Literature from University of Delhi. Her interest in pageants lies since childhood and she began voicing out her opinions about pageantry in her blog The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, which she started in 2014 and is one of the leading pageant portals today.

About Simeon Singsit: Simeon Singsit loves beauty pageant and travelling to the core. A big fan of Lawn Tennis, Simeon loves to read a lot, write a lot and is always ready to explore the places around me. He sees beauty and happiness in the small things he does Besides, his curiosity to see and exploring new things gives him a new dream to live and motivates him for living it every moment. Simeon currently fulfils his passion of putting his thoughts across the internet through the medium of his blog India and World Pageant.

Further this week:

  • Wednesday, 7th September 2016: Miss TGPC 2016, Episode 4: Miss Personality [Reviews] – Experts from TGPC will provide feedback about the performances of the contestants in this round.  It will be of great interest and value to the pageant aspirants and followers, in addition to the contestants.
  • Friday, 9th September 2016: Miss TGPC 2016, Episode 5: Miss Personality [Results] – The results of the contest will be revealed, based on evaluations by judges.  Criteria of evaluation: 1) Overall presentation 2) Clarity of thoughts 3) Confidence 4) Attitude.

Do let us know your favourites for Miss Personality title in comments.  Stay tuned for the coming episodes this week!

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